This morning, Ed and I woke up to a windy, cold, snowy day.  “The only thing between us and the North Pole is a barbed wire fence,” Ed repeated, recalling my great-grandfather’s saying for this piece of property (told to us by my dad). 

We talked about what it would be like to live 100 or more years ago, during this time of year.  Going outside to use the bathroom, keeping the fire going to stay warm.  It must have been a tough season, but we decided that winters probably weren’t all that bad if you had enough fire wood, warm clothes, and food to make it through until spring.  Sitting by the fire, time to read and tell stories, practice skills like knitting and playing music, spending time with your family and the rare visitor.

We spent the day inside today, not a lazy winter day but a productive one.  Ed painted the base-cap trim that he plans to use throughout the house, a good winter-time project, then headed to my brother’s house to help with sanding his floors.  My mom and I spent the day picking up the house to get organized for my baby shower next weekend.  We did things that rarely get done around here, like actually filing that “to-be-filed” pile of papers and vacuuming under the bed.  I hate to clean, but I must admit there’s a satisfaction in getting the clutter organized.

Wherever you are, whatever the weather, I hope you had a productive and satisfying day.



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2 responses to “Winter

  1. Sounds like a good day. I love it when my Mom comes to help me around the house, we get so much more done and I don’t get distracted as easily. I wish I could say I had a productive day but I mostly killed time online all day. We went to church and Brian worked outside some, and I did mend one of his sweatshirts I’ve been meaning to get at. Fun fun, back to work tomorrow. Sometimes I wish we did live 100 years ago. It would be hard and inconvenient sometimes but at least we could spend more time working with our families rather than trudging off to work away from them all week.

  2. Ab, I had fun with you today! Why is cleaning at your house so much more fun than cleaning at mine?

    Must be the company!

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