We’ve been talking about getting a new car, and it looks like it might actually happen in the next few days.  In the mean time, I’ve been thinking about my old car.  I loved that car.  A 1992 Ford Explorer, 4X4, Eddie Bauer edition.  Teal and tan, with a tan interior.  This picture shows my first day of school junior year, also my first day driving to school.  On my way to school, I picked up three of my best friends, who I drove to and from school every day that year.

My Explorer meant trips to the movies, the mall, Friendly’s, the diner, football and basketball games.  It meant time with my friends and helping my parents drive around my brothers, which I was happy to do.  The independence of having my own car and a driver’s license was a great feeling, and I remember wondering how my grandma and great-grandma could go their whole lives without ever driving. 

In the past few years with my unreliable car, I feel like I’ve lost some of that freedom.  I don’t want to drive on the highway or too far, for fear it will break down.  I don’t offer to drive when I go somewhere with friends, colleagues or classmates.  The bumper is rusty, it sometimes runs funny, there’s no air conditioning, the window doesn’t roll down smoothly, the driver’s side door sometimes won’t unlock, and the brakes have gone out.  It’s frustrating, embarrassing, and scary.

So now, when I think about getting a new car, it takes me back to that feeling of being sixteen, like I’m regaining that independence.  I’m excited!



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12 responses to “Sixteen

  1. WOW! You were tall at sixteen! Haha! And very cute! And you still are! Remember the feel of a first car? We wouldn’t mention your first trip solo to a friend’s house, when a certain Mom just had to follow you to make sure you got there okay.

    Here’s an idea . . . until your get your new wheels, why don’t you and Ed just switch for a few days so you have have the thrill of a truck and he can appreciate your circumstance!?!

  2. Jon

    you kind of looked like a hippie back then… remember that *awesome* trip to the gas station??

  3. Jon

    holy crap… i just realized you are standing where my apartment is now!!!! wow that was a long time ago… how old are you???

  4. Rob

    Yeah but you will miss your old car! Trust me – I wish I had every POS car i ever owned! Of course now I say that I have had my Suzuki Swift going on 15 years!

  5. Congrats! A new car is so exciting, but for us, it’s hard to say goodbye to what is a truly a material friend/companion. We recently had to replace both my hubby’s car and my VW (it died one cold winter morning). I felt sad driving away from “Molly” but then Annabelle reminded me that our new car was “awesome!”

  6. At least your window rolls down. Although my complaints with our Tahoe a much more minor. She is 10 years old and has served us well. We can’t afford to replace her, so we just keep her running. Last year she needed new rear brakes and a new ball joint, this year we are looking at new front brakes. The window DH can fix (its just difficult to get to the wires). The wipers are junk, but I have yet to find a pair that truly work, and the wiper fluid tank leaks (even though its been replaced 2x). So I will hope for another 5 years with minor repairs and then I want me a Subaru Baja (yes I know they don’t make them anymore)

  7. I can’t help myself, your song meme from the other day makes me want to ask if “There Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with the Rayyyyayyydio.” Forgive me, I’m a dork. Definitely sounds like you’re ready for a new ride. I held out as long as I could but when it came down to a truck for me or a new tractor I put my foot down. I hope you find something you like a lot, and soon! 🙂

  8. We’re experiencing the same fears of driving after getting our old car fixed. There’s just still a fear there that the age will …

  9. Exciting! We lived in upstate NY when I was 15-17 and they had Friendly’s. Loved their sundays! Yummy!

  10. I totally know how you feel! My first car was an old cadillac, and I drove it everywhere, full of people, even across country a couple times. It was such a great car, and I basically had it until it died. The last 10 years I have had crap car after, well, crap car. The one I have now is a 14 year old passat. Reliable and in good condition even at 140,000 miles, but boy, would it be nice to have a car that I could fit some more people in (with the two kids in the back in their gigantor carseats, I can’t drive more than one more person with us.) I don’t want an SUV, but some sort of crossover or station wagon would be nice. Hybrid, of cours 😉

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