Baby Shower

The cake

Grandmas-to-be and me


Opening presents

Me and mom

Ed checking out the presents after everyone left

We had a great shower today! Everyone was so generous and we’re very thankful.  Now I can’t wait to set up the baby’s room and organize it all!



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10 responses to “Baby Shower

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the shower. I must say, that cake looks fabulous. And you do, too. 🙂

  2. Congradulations! My little one is 10 weeks old. I was like you…after the shower couldn’t wait to get to put everything away and decorate! Its so much fun. Even now I love getting her clothes out of the dryer and folding the little sleepers and clothes – I just wish the rest of the laundry was as fun! Can’t wait to see pics after your big day!

  3. This is one lucky baby . . . to be born into a family so full of love, good friends, and good times!

    Yesterday was wonderful; thanks to ALL who were so very generous! We are so fortunate to have so many wonderful family members (on both sides!) and dear friends!

    Hope it wasn’t too overwhelming for you!

  4. What fun! I especially love the photo you have labelled “me and mom.” You are two gorgeous ladies in blue!

  5. How exciting! I especially love the picture of the great-grammies in crowns! What a lucky child you will have with such a big and lovely family to greet it.

  6. Marie

    What a perfect day, everything came out better than Gram Ruth and I imagined, such a great time, seeing all our family and friends and you and Ed received so many beautiful gifts for the baby, he is all set from head to toe. You looked great and had so much fun which made it all worth it. Next is to paint the mural and then he can make his arrival!
    Loved the pictures. Enjoy your day. xoxo Mimi

  7. Congratulations! Looks like it was fun!

  8. I love the cake. Are the bubbles made out of marshmellows?

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