Local Strawberries for Valentine’s Day

We don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day.  Years ago, when Ed and I were first dating, we’d go out to a fancy restaurant.  But now, we’re just as happy to enjoy a quiet night at home.  I try to make a special meal for the two of us, and I always like to include a strawberry dessert.

Big red hearts on Valentine’s Day make me think of strawberries.  Unfortunately, strawberry season isn’t until June around here, and those berries shipped into the grocery store can be pricey, especially with this year’s weather.  Not to mention, they’re gassed to ripen and never seem to have the same flavor or aroma as truly local, fresh, ripe berries.

If you’re a strawberry fan like me, you probably preserved a bunch of berries when they were in season, making jam or jelly, freezing or dehydrating.  So, this year for Valentine’s Day, I’m going to make a strawberry dessert using the bounty of my freezer, and I wanted to share a few recipes that will work nicely with preserved or frozen berries.

strawberry cutie pies 027

Strawberry Cutie Pies are the perfect size for a romantic dinner with your Valentine.  I think I’d put little hearts on the top this time instead of stars.  Frozen whole berries, thawed and crushed, make a great substitute for fresh.

 strawberry rhubarb pie 010

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day with the whole family, make a full size Strawberry Pie, or Strawberry Rhubarb if you’ve got rhubarb in your freezer, too.

salad and shortcake 007

Strawberry Shortcake is a perfect way to use frozen sugared strawberries.


And for those of you who simply must have chocolate on Valentine’s Day, try Chocolate Cheesecake with Strawberry Topping.  I made this last year for Valentine’s Day and I was so happy to have leftovers for days.

I haven’t decided which one of these recipes I’ll make for Valentine’s Day this year, but I’m currently leaning towards the cutie pies.  Any one of these desserts, when served after a meal cooked with love at home, makes for a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  Use some beeswax candles for ambiance, and I’m certain you won’t even think about how eco-friendly it is.  You’ll just enjoy the time with your sweetie.

This post is my contribution to this month’s APLS Blog Carnival, which is themed “Greening Valentine’s Day.”  To read all about how to have a more eco-friendly Valentine’s Day, visit Retro Housewife Goes Green on January 19.


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7 responses to “Local Strawberries for Valentine’s Day

  1. YUM! You’re making me wish Valentine’s Day was tomorrow!

  2. Maria in CT

    I have a ton of frozen strawberries in the freezer from last year! Great idea, I can’t wait to use them now for Valentine’s Day!

  3. This post makes me super duper happy that I have not used my strawberries yet! I froze some from my old patch when we moved last June and I have been drooling over them every time I open the freezer. My subconscious must have already know their destiny…I think strawberry shortcake will be on our menu!

  4. Yum!! This post made me supper hungry! I wish I had thought ahead and pereserved some of my strawberries when they were in season…next year. We never do anything fancy for V-day either. We usually make homemade pizza together, rent a movie and snuggle on the couch. Nothing better than staying in!


  5. Oh MY, these look delicious!
    Glad I found your little corner of the world, I know I’m going to enjoy stopping by…thanks for the recipes!
    xo country girl

  6. Thanks for the great recipe recipe ideas. I froze a ton of strawberries last summer and could use a few good suggestions for using them. Having blueberries and strawberries in the freezer this winter is great. I really recommend taking the time to pick them and preserve them next summer. Plus these eco-friendly berries do not come in plastic containers.

    Linda at Citizen Green

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