Thanks to Country Girl for the Kreativ Blogger Award!  I’m supposed to write seven things you may not know about me, and I’ve decided to write about how I realized how unprepared we are for power outages when, this morning, the power went out!


  1. Thinking “Hey, it’s pretty windy! Tree limbs are down! I should put a pitcher of water in the fridge in case the power goes out…” is not a substitute for actually filling a pitcher with water and putting it in the fridge.  Fortunately there was enough water in the pipes for both of us to brush our teeth this morning.  But not enough for Ed’s shower or coffee or my water bottle.
  2. We do not own a flashlight, or if we do, we have no idea where it is.  They’re pretty hard to find in the dark.
  3. A power outage in a snowstorm when we’re snowbound at home is one thing, but a power outage when we both still have to leave the house by 6:45 is another.  It’s still dark then… see #2.
  4. Ed shining his cell phone light directly into my eyes as I try to sift through the laundry basket to find matching socks is not helpful.
  5. It’s very difficult to apply eyeliner by candle light.
  6. Ed does not find it funny when, after he tells me he’s worried about the meat in the freezer, I suggest he go open the door to the freezer repeatedly to check on it.
  7. After we struggle through getting ready, making breakfast and fixing lunches, as we’re headed out the door for work, the power will go back on.

So I’m going to pass on this award to some of the folks from my Introduce Yourself post, since that’s where I first met Country Girl.



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9 responses to “Unprepared!

  1. ctdaffodil

    Yikes – now go get some flashlights and put them around the house – specifically next to your side of the bed. And maybe pick up a gallon or 2 of poland spring just in case….

  2. Striving for a Simple Life

    Your post makes me feel much better about being unprepared myself.

    Two years ago, a hurricane was supposed to hit us, so I went to the grocery store to get supplies. I ended up coming home with two boxes of Cheese-It’s and two bottles of diet Pepsi. That’s it. I’m not sure how long that would have fed us, but thankfully the hurricane by-passed our area and I didn’t have to find out. 🙂

    Thanks for the Kreative Blogger award! Now I have to think up 7 things no one knows about me…this should be fun. 🙂


  3. Maria in CT

    First of all, thank you for the award!!

    But don’t feel bad about being unprepared…because it will be the last time you will be unprepared. In our youth, we did the same thing when we lost our power. Now, we have flashlights in almost every room, water bottles in the cellar cold room, a wood box by the back door in case we have to start a fire in the fireplace, money in the safe, and a gas stove…just in case the meat in the freezer starts to thaw……..

  4. Flashlights – we have purchased dozens and little children wander off with them, never to be seen again. As for the meat in the freezer – if its cold enough outside – no more than 34 degrees you can always put it outside – and move the freezer outside. It will take a good deal of time for a freezer full of meat to thaw. If in doubt put a thermometer in the freezer and when you open it make sure its not above 40 (refridgerator temperature).
    I don’t get the water pitcher thing, except that without heat the pipes freeze (or do you use power to get your water through your pipes?

    • I knew the meat would be fine… the outside temps were in the 40’s yesterday, unusual for this time of year. We live in a well-populated area, so the power usually gets turned back on pretty quickly.

      We have a well, and the pump uses electricity. So when the power’s out, the water’s out. Most people fill a bathtub when a storm is coming, so at least they know they’ll have water to flush toilets. Otherwise, you get one flush to use wisely.

      I know how to prepare for a power outage, but it’s actually accomplishing it that was the problem. This was the first time we lost power and still had to get out the door to go to work!

  5. ctdaffodil

    generator – even a small one will allow you to pump water from your well, which if you are planning on nursing – you will want to stay really well hydrated.

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  7. This was pretty funny. I love hearing about how other couples interact. I think it’s time to buy some flashlights. 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for the award! I made up my own rules for it and hopefully it will send a few readers your way. My blog post about it is here:


    Thanks again!

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