Island School

I’m dreaming today about my trip to the Island School back in summer of 2007.  You can read the whole post about it here.  I just want to share some pictures…

My mom and me snorkeling on the first day.

Snorkeling… this was our “morning exercise” on the first full day. 

Artificial Reef Construction

Helping to build artificial reefs to help prevent erosion.  Will my waist ever be that small again???

Enjoying the ocean

Swimming in the beautiful aqua and turquoise water.  I’ve been imagining floating in the warm water, peering down at the yellow, purple and orange fish and the coral.  Moving up and down with the waves.  Swimming and swimming and swimming.

Jumping off a cliff.

Jumping off a cliff into the ocean.  That’s NOT something I would typically do, but it was amazing.  Right before I jumped, a spotted ray glided by, and I had to wait for him to clear out.  After jumping in, I explored the clear water, looking about 30 feet down at the ecosystem below.


My Island School friends… educators who are passionate about sustainability.  Kindred spirits.



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4 responses to “Island School

  1. Looks like heaven! What a nice thought on a snowy day!

  2. Oh, how much fun! Where was that?

  3. That turquoise water looks heavenly! We’ve talked with friends about going on a nice vacation someday to somewhere with beaches like that. I hope it happens, I bet you’ll never forget the experience!

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