Touch of Spring in a Snowstorm

Wordless Wednesday


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8 responses to “Touch of Spring in a Snowstorm

  1. Beautiful! You and your mom always make me smile in the middle of winter because I visit your blogs and can envision spring. I remember last year, you brought in branches and had them blooming inside in a vase. What were they?

  2. How pretty! I knew you’d like them and how ironic that your daffy chose to blossom in the middle of a Nor’easter!

  3. So if I just put my bulbs in water they will bloom? Will they waterlog?

    • These have a little plastic stand holding them above the water level, which keeps them standing upright. I’m sure you could fashion one out of something. You can just float them on water, or secure them with toothpicks. You could also just plant them in some soil, too, but I like the look of the roots almost as much as the flowers!

  4. AAAHhhhhhhh….. Signs of Spring!!!! Thanks for the hope that it is really coming!!!

  5. I wondered what prevented them from getting water logged, I bet I could rig something up. Then come fall I could plant them outside like they are supposed to be, but this would be a good way to find out what bulbs are what (I have a bunch of unknowns. 🙂

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