Diaper Dilemma… Decided?

Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking about diapers.  Let’s face it: I’m an environmentalist.  I simply can’t justify using chlorine-bleached, non-biodegradable, disposable diapers for my son’s first years.  However, I’m typically opposed to anything that increases the amount of laundry I have to do (or the amount of dishes, hence my plan to nurse).  Though I will be home for the first 6 months or so, I will also eventually be a busy working mom.  I took all of these factors into account when making my decision to try out gDiapers.  Two of my close friends have used gDiapers, and both recommend them.  Now, of course, I haven’t had my baby yet, so I’m not going to know for sure whether this is 100% the right decision for us, but we’re going to try them.  Today, my mom and I picked up some little gPants (size S, 8-14 lbs) and biodegradable gRefills.  

I like that gDiapers have the option of both cloth liners and biodegradable.  I plan to order some of the cloth liners to try (the store didn’t have them in stock), and also use the biodegradable.  I don’t plan to flush the biodegradable gRefills, since we have a septic system and my memories of what we paid the engineer to design it, paying for sanitary septic sand, and helping my dad and brothers install the system, make me hesitant to flush anything.  But the fact that they’re biodegradable makes me happy. 

Again, we’ll see what happens when the baby arrives.  My due date is three weeks from tomorrow, and as we count down the days to our little boy’s arrival, it’s a relief that we’re making decisions like this one.  Now if we could just decide on a name…



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10 responses to “Diaper Dilemma… Decided?

  1. I opted for disposables…. horrible person I am… I finished toiletting my eldest at age 6. My youngest is still 80% toilet trained at 8….. My life is a wee bit different than the norm.

  2. Chariot

    My husband and I are trying cloth diapers too! I have been doing both disposables and cloth as we get into the grove of things.

    Oh, and we’ve completely switched to regular white washclothes instead of disposable wipes. We bought a bunch of washclothes. To use we prewet a bunch and place them in an empty disposable wipe container, refilling as needed. No soap, just water. I wash a load everyday. If they are really poopy I do a rinse cycle first.

    I’ve used the prefolds and pins with plastic pants, which takes a bit of extra time. And the Bumgenius all in one diapers. The Bumgenius look like your gdiapers. They act just like regular disposables, just as easy. You just preload each one with a liner and have them ready to go as needed.

    Besides having to do laundry almost everyday, the only downside for me is that any cloth diaper is not as absorbant as disposables. I don’t have to change a disposable for 3-4 hours but a cloth diaper I must change every 1-2 hours (the prefolds one hour-ish, the bumgenius two hours). It makes you realize how much babies urinate and how much the disposables can hold. Setting a timer helps keep track. And anytime I just need a diaper changing break–as I have twins and am doing this double time–I just put them in a disposable and rest.

    We use the disposables at night so we don’t have to wake the babies to change them every two hours. I’ve also found it is easier to use disposables when we take the babies out in public. You don’t have to carry a dirty diaper around.

    Hope all this helps. I did this by trial and error. It’s something you just need to jump into. It’s not as hard as it sometimes sounds.

    On a side note, I always found it disgusting when people or websites say you have to rinse the diapers off in the toliet before putting in the laundry bin. Disgusting! I’ve just been doing a rinse cycle before doing the regular wash and it has worked fine. When they start eatting real food and the poo changes (becomes more solid) I’ll definitely be scraping it off into the toliet first. I doubt I’ll every dunk and rinse in the toliet. Gross!

  3. Ab,

    I love how you research your options; you’ve got everything in place, now you just have to try and see what works for you. Don’t feel bad if you use up some of the disposables that people have already given you, especially in the first days and weeks. I’m quite sure you (and I!) will have better things to do than laundry!

    I started with cloth diapers with you, but then switched to disposables for your two brothers, because they just weren’t as absorbent, but they have changed and improved so much over the years! There are all kinds of viable alternatives now. Can’t wait to help you out with diaper changes! Ed, too, as mostly the feeding will fall under your department; but we can always help with “changes!”

  4. I hadn’t realized that the cloth diapers weren’t as absorbent.

    I spent a bundle on the more fitted cloth diapers with snaps as well as pocket diapers for my new grand daughter. AFAIK, though, my daughter is still using the newborn disposables she’d been gifted, hoping to use them up before the baby outgrows them.

    To hear her tell it, their house is always in a state of excretion. Either the baby is peeing, pooing, spitting, or her milk is squirting at someone/something.

    G-diapers sound like a nice compromise. Wish I’d have known of them earlier.

  5. Rob

    does it matter? I mean they are full of baby poo!

    As for names:
    Considering your last name:
    John (then you can call the child John Boy!)
    of course- you would be Ma and your hubby PA!

  6. I stop in to your blog periodically and really enjoy it. I just wanted to add that a major plus to using cloth diapers is the cost saving. I also have strong environmental values and so many of my friends and family thought I was making it hard on myself… but really the cost savings are increadible, they are really easy to clean when you are already breast feeding, and your house doesn’t really smell because no dirty diapers are just sitting around. We used gro-baby brand. I had never heard of g-baby. Bum genius was mentioned earlier and those are also really nice.

  7. Just an FYI do some more research on gdiapers. While they say they are flushable almost every municipality has issued statements advising against flushing them because they do block up the pipes. There are also several statements to the effect that the #1 are safely compostable, but that #2 are not safely compostable.

    I used cloth diapers, unfolded for my first and the ones that look like other diapers for my second. I did diapers 1x a week (1 load for all the diapers). I would empty them into the toilet if need be, and even swish them around to help clean them, then deposit them into a pail of vinegar water. Never had a problem with oder, or issues with skin (and we all have very sensitive skin). I would line dry them overnight and be ready to go the next day. I did not find it to be any more work that constantly going to the store and buying new diapers.
    I was intrigued by the concept of gdiapers, but I think they just miss the mark. However gdiapers would have been my pick for traveling (when we did the Adirondack trips of visited DH’s dad we used disposable because I couldn’t impose that much on other people, and in the AD we didn’t do laundry while we were there).

    • As I said, I won’t be flushing because of our septic system. On one of my many visits to a wastewater treatment plant with my students (it’s a yearly field trip), I spoke to the engineer about gDiapers and he unequivocally told me NOT to flush them. He said they don’t dissolve as billed and they just have to fish them out and pay to dispose of them in a landfill. I’m choosing them for the flexibility of throwing them out and knowing they’ll biodegrade as well as using cloth. I’m not planning to compost, since composted human waste (even just urine) shouldn’t be used for food, and my compost pile isn’t that organized that I could keep them separate.

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