I’m still here!

Just wanted to check in and let everybody know that my absence from the blog over the last couple of days doesn’t mean I’ve had the baby yet! I’ve still got a few weeks to go, and I’ve always believed that he’s going to arrive later than expected.

I had a check up yesterday and all is well, update here.  I had a horrible night’s sleep last night, thanks to heartburn (only the second time I’ve ever had it), frequent bathroom trips, overheating and my sleepwalking/talking husband.  Have I mentioned before that Ed’s a sleepwalker? Well he is, and always has been.  Sometimes it’s funny or sweet, like when I awoke to him standing on the bed unscrewing lightbulbs from the ceiling fixture, or when he pulled me over closer to him to save me from the tree he dreamed was falling.   Sometimes, though, it’s annoying.  A few nights, I awoke to him pulling the blankets off the bed, convinced there was a snake in it.  Or sometimes I’m just getting back to sleep when he wakes me up because he’s talking about work or gets up to turn the light on because he thinks it’s time to get up.  I know Ed tends to sleepwalk more when he’s stressed out, and I would imagine waiting for the baby is a pretty stressful time.

I spent today resting, organizing some of the baby’s clothes and started packing a bag for the hospital.  I even got to take a nap and I’m very happy to be on vacation this week.  I’m planning to continue working until March 5, which my doctors support, but I’m not really sure how realistic that is.  I’m just going to take one day at a time. 

While I can’t yet relate to being sick of being pregnant, I’m sure that’s just around the corner.  For the most part, I’m really enjoying being pregnant.  But I’m also starting to feel ready for this little guy to make his appearance.

UPDATE: I slept really well after writing this post, so all is right in the world now! Sorry for such a whiney post 🙂



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8 responses to “I’m still here!

  1. I have a question for you. On the Maple Scone recipe… is it for real or is it a type that says 1 POUND of butter? 🙂

  2. You have every right to “whine,” when you want to, we’ll always listen! So glad last night was better!

  3. I remember a comedian giving a story about sleepwalking where he dreamed he had to get out of a hotel and jumped through the second story window. He wakes up outside all bloody and goes toe the front desk to get back in… The story ends that he now has to sleep inside of a sleeping bag like sack that is tied shut.

    Be glad you are not feeling much ill, my wife is getting nausia again so I need to watch what I say… I say hot dog and she runs to the bathroom. I keep telling her, “you can do this, you can keep working, you can rest and take care of yourself. You will enjoy that new child in a few short weeks!”

  4. Marie AKA Mimi

    Whine away Ab, it is a pregnant woman’s prerogative!!
    You are at the stage now where you can say and do whatever you want so enjoy it while you can! Be over shortly, working on the pig today. xo mimi

  5. littlehousesouthernprairie

    Hang in there! Those last few weeks are so rough!

  6. I’ve always been a sleep-TALKER; it runs in my family, but I’ve not (to my knowledge) gotten out of bed or meandered from wherever I fell asleep. I will lash out if I’m dreaming of someone unlikeable when awakened. I can also have completely coherent-sounding conversations in my sleep. Pretty embarrassing during the years when I was an on-call systems programmer. The operators would say the next day, “We called you, but you never woke up.” One of the night-shift operators had a sleep-talker in his family, so understood.

    My daughter tried all kinds of things to “get” the baby to come earlier. She finally came on the day she was “scheduled” to be induced, but before she was “scheduled” to be induced. Seems doctors don’t want to take any chances of meconium aspiration or stillbirth and chances for both go up after your due date passes (so they say).

    Best of luck to you all.

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