Nursery Update

Last weekend, Ed built this beautiful book case for the baby’s room.  After painting it white to match the other furniture, I decorated it with the children’s books that were given to us at the shower, and some moo cow gifts: a singing/moving stuffed animal, a cute lamp, and a humidifier.  Thanks to my family and friends for the presents!

Meanwhile, Ed’s mom continues to work on the mural.  Here are some of her latest additions:



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12 responses to “Nursery Update

  1. Very nice. Do I see 2 copies of The Big Red Barn? My kids love that book, and it is certainly a good one at your house.
    It won’t be long now!

  2. Looking good,just needs a baby,lol!
    I love the humidifier,I havent seen one like that before.
    Get in as many naps as you can the next couple of weeks,life as you know it is all about to change!
    And you will enjoy every precious moment :0)

  3. Just LOVE the bookcase Ed built and the wonderful farm mural that his Mom is creating!

    Now, all we need is the baby, to hold, and rock, and love, and feed, and change, and hold and rock and love . . .

    Can’t wait!

  4. Those butterflies are GREAT!

    It’ll be both fun and interesting to see which of the many talents of your family get passed along to your son.

    My daughter didn’t get ANY books at her shower. I wonder if that means something/anything.

    I’ve found that where I once was able to sing, I croak now, and can’t remember the words to the children’s songs I once sang to my kids. Should have spent the 9 months tuning my pipes.

    • The grandmas asked people to bring a copy of their favorite children’s book instead of a card. It’s nice because all the messages are written in the books, and signed so we’ll remember who gave what!

  5. goatldi

    Lovely! One lucky occupant!

  6. Just amazing! I am so excited for your baby. He’s going to be welcomed into a loving family full of talented artists! The murals are adorable (and beautiful) and Ed did a fantastic job with the bookcase too. Send him over here, ok?

  7. That is the coolest humidifier I’ve ever seen!

  8. Loved the pictures! It reminded me of how NEAT the kids’ room *used* to be, LOL! BTW, you could re-gift the extra copies of The Big Red Barn. I was never more appreciative of having something on hand for a baby shower as when the kids were infants and I was loathing the idea of traipsing to the baby store.

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