A Tribute to Agriculture

I think I’ve mentioned here before that family farms are important to me, right? 🙂  Well, I’m very happy to share that my town’s high school is developing a program to promote agriculture, build a greenhouse, and work with local farmers to farm an acre plot near the school.  I got involved by sharing some lesson plans and activities that could be used in a greenhouse (I teach in a neighboring town and have a greenhouse attached to my room *dream classroom!*).  You can read the newspaper article about the plan, where I’m flattered to be mentioned for the small role that I played.  So, in honor of this announcement, I’m devoting this post to local farms.

When I think of New England farms, I think of barns.

Mema’s dairy barn, on the farm where my mom grew up

The barn at Ed’s parents house, where woodworking takes place

stand 009

A neighbor/ friend’s barn, home of their family’s garden center

historical tag sale 006

The historical society’s barn, that houses town artifacts


My family’s farm market

And my favorite picture, the waterwheel barn at my family’s farm, decorated for Christmas by my brother Nathaniel



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5 responses to “A Tribute to Agriculture

  1. There is something really lovely about barns. I grew up in farm country (although not on a farm) and they make me think of home.

  2. Rob

    Ever thought of living in a barn??? I have. some say I do!

  3. Oh how I love barns! I have terrible barn envy. Thanks for the pics

  4. Congrats, Ab, for the mention in the newspaper! As a 12th generation family-farmer, you are making a difference!

    Just love all your barn shots . . . guessing you have time on your hands these days to dig all those up . . . enjoy it while it lasts!

  5. I love barns….my dad has a carriage house converted to a barn/greenhouse. You can find ANYTHING in there.

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