We’re going to watch, are you?



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10 responses to “We’re going to watch, are you?

  1. I watched Episode 1 and I can’t wait for the next one.

  2. I was flabbergasted watching the preview the other night, so I can only imagine how I will feel watching the weekly episodes.

  3. ctdaffodil

    yes I’m watching and we have written the show and asked that he come to our school. Not that our little school in suburban CT has such horrible meals – but they are seriously lacking in fresh anything and a lot of it is processed….and while I feel bad when my kids want to buy it on corndog or super nacho day I know I have the means to balance out what ever else they eat that day/week with healthy options. The parents in our school who have kids on free or reduced price meals may not…..
    The federal guidelines are a farce. Ketchup and tatertots are not a veggie to me – regardless if they started life as a veg or not.

  4. Rob

    Sorry Gotta work. But I like thw work that Jaime is doing. And as for calling that talk radio host a right bastard… right on Jaime.

  5. I pimped it on my blog, on Facebook, and even my husband watched it with me last night. Didn’t know it would become a series, though, and doubt it’ll hold my interest routinely. I don’t think I need to become more of a food whacko than I already am.

    I’m reminded of when my husband’s grandson spent a day with us. He pretty much refused to eat anything we offered. When his mom came to pick him up, I showed her a small plate containing a salmon pattie, fresh steamed broccoli, and some mashed spuds. She said, “Well, he won’t eat THAT.”

    I’m a bit worried that I’ll be too intense about food when it’s time for my granddaughter to start eating.

  6. Colleen

    We watched it on hulu before it premiered and were just awestruck by the lack of concern of what they were preparing for the students in the schools. I am just amazed at the red tape they had to deal with….2 grains, essentially 2 pieces of refined processed carbohydrates!?! I went through a whole range of emotions from sadness to anger. It is something that I want to try to get my students to watch and possibly encourage them to get a movement going in our school.

  7. alisa

    I’ve watched both episodes and it is so sad to watch how difficult it was for him to try to bring healthy foods to the school. The bureacracy of two grains-crazy ! but what is really sad, is that this is a reflection of much of America- today. As I read various blogs though, I feel that there may be hope, but as always it starts at home. Happy Blogiversary!!!!

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