I Challenge YOU!

Next week, April 11-17, is National Environmental Education Week.  As an environmental science teacher, it would be easy for me to participate normally.  I’m on maternity leave, so I started thinking about it… You don’t need to be a teacher in a formal school setting to participate in National Environmental Education Week.  In fact, I think informal education can have the same impact, if not bigger, when it comes to environmental issues.  So…

I’ve decided to host my very first challenge at Farmer’s Daughter!!! I challenge YOU to participate in National Environmental Education Week.  At some point during the week of April 11-17, educate someone about the environment.  It doesn’t have to be fancy! You can work with your kids, your significant other, friends, or even pledge to educate yourself! Then write a blog post about it and send me the link, and I’ll share the links here on my blog.

I don’t have a cool button to put on your blog, but if someone with some skills (and without a 3 1/2 week old baby to take up your time) wants to make one up, please share! The real winner of the challenge will be the planet, so spread the word!!!  Update: Thanks to Rob for the button at the top of this post!!!

Email your link to AbbieR31081 AT aol DOT com, or leave a comment here, by April 19 to be included in my post.


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10 responses to “I Challenge YOU!

  1. That sounds like a great idea. I’ll definitely participate!

  2. Rob

    Oh yeah. I will join in.

  3. Wow; you’ve inspired me! Count me in; I’ll cook up something for my elementary students!

    Rob: thanks for helping Abbie out!

  4. How neat! Does it count that I educate my daughter and her friends about gardening, the atmosphere, and a whole array of random stuff related to the environment?

    Ah, and my husband can vouch for me. I am always teaching/telling him a thing or two . . . 🙂

  5. Awesome! I’m teaching the No Impact Man curriculum at our homeschool co-op, so I’ll be sure to paricipate.

  6. I wasn’t going to participate because I couldn’t think of what I do to teach others until last night when I was letting Liam turn out the light in his bedroom and I realized that we talk about the environment ALL the time! Therefore, I shall join up!

  7. The Atlantic garbage patch caught my attention this week, so my contribution to environmental education week is in the form of this post.

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