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Josh Meets the Horses

Can you believe how big Isabelle is? She’s 10 months old and is a spotted Shire, so she’s not done growing yet.  For reference, my dad is 6’4″.  She’s a typical teenager who sneaks out at night and misbehaves.  Annabelle does her best to keep her baby in line, but I keep my distance with my baby.

Vinny is a gentle giant, and I feel much more comfortable around him with the baby.  Again for reference, I’m 5’7″.  He’s a Dapple Gray Percheron and has squabbles with the girls, so he gets a pen to himself.  His teammate Bill died this year, so he’s on his own.

Getting out to visit at the farm was just what we needed tonight!



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8 responses to “And now…

  1. Kat was 9 months when I brought her home. A few years later she foaled Frosty’s Brenda – both registered Belgian Draft.

    Kat was a real joy to raise and train. Brenda was lovely – but much more of a handful.

    The spotted draft is typically a cross of light horse (the paint coloring) and a draft breed. Light horses generally finish growing about age four, drafts about age six. Kat grew at least a hand (4.000 inches) her fifth year – to 18.2 inches, about 1950 pounds.

  2. Vinny looks like he was really checking the baby out! So cute!

  3. Dad really enjoyed introducing Joshua to the horses! Thanks so much for taking an evening stroll with us. . . I’m thinking Dukie’s jealous, though!

  4. I thought Isabelle was such a pretty baby – but Josh has her beat by miles. Although I guess I should say handsome!

  5. those are some BIG horses…I would love to have a horse. Hubby says its the camel or a horse not both…spoiled sport!

    Feel free to link up today with any gardening posts today, Kim

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