Challenge Posts!


Thanks so much to those who participated in my first challenge! Be sure to check out all the posts for a wealth of information!

Laura wrote about educating her son in Of seeds and water and environmental things.

Old Novice chose to educate her blog readers in her post Plastic garbage patches all over the oceans (with great videos!).

Rob wrote about his mom and his friend Martin taking baby steps in his post.

TaraChristiane taught the No Impact Man curriculum for a homeschool group, and reported on it here and here.

I chose to educate my son, and wrote about our first nature walk.

I think Earth Day is the perfect time to share these posts because they demonstrate that we can learn about the environment everyday!


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  1. I thought about it later, but after years of “living by example” and being made fun of, a friend emailed me the other night asking for all the natural body and laundry care and home cleaning ideas I had. Happy to share and explain why!

    This was great and I got a chance to check out other people’s blogs!

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