What’s Your Favorite Perennial?

Gardening season is upon us! I’m relatively new to perennials, since I just started growing them when we moved into our house.  I have a few favorites, but I’m dreaming of adding in another perennial garden somewhere in our vast expanse of lawn (untreated, diverse lawn).  Ed’s dead set against it, since he’s a fan of easy mowing.  It probably won’t be this year, but a girl can dream.

My favorite perennials are blue hydrangeas and pink peonies.  The hydrangeas are so full of blooms all summer long (variety: Endless Summer) and the peonies are gorgeous for just a short period of time.  Both are incredibly easy to care for, which makes them even better! Here are some pictures from last year’s garden to bring back memories…

hydrangeas 007

pasture 034

pretty in pink 009

in bloom 018

So what perennials do you like?



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13 responses to “What’s Your Favorite Perennial?

  1. Rosemary, lilacs, any flowering berries like currants and blueberries.

  2. Canadian Home

    I love Hyacinths – the smell is beautiful!

  3. Bulb flowers such as tulips and daffodils, and bushes such as lilacs and forsythia. Basically, the spring flowers. It just makes the air smell good, and everything look so pretty!

  4. Colleen

    I couldn’t agree more with peonies! My family had an heirloom variety that had been in our family for decades. Sadly in a few moves they didn’t survive too well. Being in Houston its impossible to grow them here due to the lack of a cold winter. Now my favorite has to be the lilies that randomly sprout up in our yard.

  5. I love bulbs of any kind. They’re so easy and beautiful.

  6. I still kind of stuck on my theory that if I can’t eat it it’s not worth putting the effort in. I know that’s bad so I’ve been trying to change… I did plant some bulbs last year but the dogs (!!) dug them up this year right when they were beginning to pop up. Maybe I’ll try again this fall. My poor, flowerless lawn. 😀

    • Flowers feed the soul! My sister-in-law grows a ton of flowers for bouquets: zinnias, sunflowers, dahlias, snap dragons. She takes them to the farmer’s markets along with the clams and oysters that our husbands catch and sells out every week! I’ve even seen CSA’s that have flower bouquets, a certain fee for fresh flowers each week. A nearby farm market has pick your own flowers and herbs, and they charge by the pound. You could always do something like that so they pay the bills!

  7. Abbie,

    You have the most fabulous hydrangeas I’ve ever seen! I aspire to grow similar blue beauties to brighten our summer, out by the pool! I’m also searching for a perennial hybiscus that would do well in New England; love how their perfect flowers remind me of the islands!

  8. Oh I love perrenials so much. They are so easy to take care of and I always ensure that I plant ones that bloom at different times. Two of my favorite (I couldnt pick just one) are Brown Eyed Susans, beautiful fall flower and Astilbe’s in any color! So easy to take care of and long lasting flower that blooms in early summer. I use to hate the thought of gardening and now I am so glad that I have found my love for it.

  9. Thank you for putting together this post! I am currently procrastinating about what to plant in my garden. I am pessimistic though about perrennials because the soil in our neighborhood is difficult (even when I have dug out beds and replaced the soil). Any tips?

  10. Hydrangeas rock! They are my all time faves…and here in the Pacific Northwest they grow wonderfully…

    Here with my weekly reminder of your link party going on over at the kinderGARDENS contest. Anytime between now and next Wednesday you can share any post you have pertaining to gardening with kiddos!

    Have a super day, Kim

  11. alisa

    I love all perennials! but I have to say that coral bells really top my list. There are so many different colors and their leaves add so much color and texture to a flower bed. I really like to buy my perennials at Bluetone Perennials online. They are usually a little small, but grow very quickly and are usually very healthy. Have fun gardening!

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