My First Mother’s Day

When my husband asked what I wanted for my first Mother’s Day, I knew he’d be happy with my reply.  I didn’t want an expensive gift or a fancy dinner.  I wanted to get the garden planted! Though it was very windy and chilly, we did just that.  I popped Joshua into the front carrier and zipped him into my sweatshirt, then proceeded to “direct” (a.k.a. boss around) Ed.

Don’t let the sun fool you, it was cold!

We planted sunflowers, peas, Yukon gold potatoes, carrots, leeks, scallions, pickling cucumbers, spinach, iceberg lettuce, buttercrunch lettuce, baby lettuce mix, chives, basil, parsley and dill.  We decided to wait to transplant tomatoes (started by my dad this spring at the farm) until later on, and that was a good thing, because there’s a freeze warning tonight!

We warmed up inside and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.  This is one of the sweetest pictures I’ve taken since Josh was born!

Ed topped off our day by cooking supper and serving me ice cream as our baby slept on my chest. 

Visit the Inadvertent Farmer for all kinds of ideas on how to garden with kids!

How was your Mother’s Day?



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5 responses to “My First Mother’s Day

  1. I agree that the pic is great, but I don’t think Joshua is doing it all himself here. Ed looks downright handsome in this one.

  2. So glad your first Mother’s Day was exactly the way you wanted it: a wonderful day at home with your son and husband!

    My “Mother’s Day” was wonderful, too, and as I’ve found through the years, every day is really Mother’s Day, as long as you’re with your family. I’ve always felt kind of funny that one day is singled out when a Mother is a Mother every day of the year!!!

    I do feel so appreciative that we have four generations to celebrate this Mother’s Day and know that Mema and I treasure the four-generation photo of us with you and baby Joshua! We so enjoyed our visit with you both on Saturday!

  3. Best Ever Mother’s Day! Love pictures of Dads with their babies.

  4. Oh that last picture just melted my heart…so sweet to see a little one sleeping like that. And the hair…what a gorgeous color!

    Congrats on getting the garden in! Kim

  5. So, so sweet. I am just getting to the garden. I decided that this year I’m going to let my garden go a bit and see what it does. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll thrive, thrive, thrive. But, uh, I’ll probably add fertilizer, 🙂

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