June in Bloom

I think it’s fitting to start the month of June with a post about my two favorite flowers.  I got a chance to sneak outside for a few minutes during baby Joshua’s nap to take some photos.  He’s still asleep, so I might just get to post them, too! The peonies are in full bloom, and I love them!

These huge blooms really need to be staked, but I just haven’t had the time.  Note: those aren’t weeds under them, those are bird’s foot trefoil.  I planted them there on purpose for their lovely yellow flowers.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Besides, if any the stems supporting these great big flowers break off, I’ll just bring them inside to decorate.

I was also so excited to see that the very first buds of my Endless Summer blue hydrangeas are beginning to open!

What flowers are blooming in your garden?


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10 responses to “June in Bloom

  1. Your peonies are gorgeous! Mine bloomed on Friday, but last night there was a nasty storm and they are flat. I’m really disappointed! I planted a Knockout rose and a Rose of Sharon bush on Sunday so I am anxious to see how that works out. Nunzio dug up all my sunflowers again!

  2. I don’t have a garden of my own, but I was volunteering at the local community garden this weekend and saw the summer squash in bloom for the first time, very cool to see that something I helped plant didn’t just completely die.

  3. knutty knitter

    No flowers – its winter here 😦

    viv in nz

  4. Leslie

    I love your mason jar vases!! Beautiful! I’m going to copy in my living room.

  5. Mason-jar blue looks so pretty with pink peonies. I don’t have any peonies in my garden but I do have a box full of antique mason jars. I may just see what’s blooming in my garden and borrow your idea for my kitchen windowsill, if you don’t mind.

  6. Actually, those little yellow flowers look more like wood sorrel, possibly Oxalis stricta (see photos here http://www.missouriplants.com/Yellowalt/Oxalis_stricta_page.html). I mention it because I know you are interested in wild edibles, and wood sorrel makes a good addition to a mixed salad. It has a very interesting flavor, kind of sour and acidic. Definitely good stuff.

  7. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! Wish I had that luck with mine!

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