I’m a Bloodhound!

My brother, Nathaniel, got a new puppy! He’s an 8-week-old bloodhound, and he just so happens to weigh same as Joshua (held by my brother Jonathan in the photo above).  What follows is a transcript of Dukie’s reaction to the new puppy…

Hi! I’m a bloodhound!

I like cuddles!

We’re gonna be best friends, aren’t we?

Listen kid, around here we all pull our own weight. I’ve got the perfect job for you…

Do I have to guard the corn all night? Wait, I smell something…

This kid’s got a lot to learn.


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4 responses to “I’m a Bloodhound!

  1. OMG GoodLuck I have two reds and a black and tan! They are so much fun and soo much work! You can never ever let them off lead!

  2. charlene ramsey

    Love it—enjoy.

  3. That is about the cutest puppy I have ever seen! kim

  4. You are one cute hound, I remember when I was your size I always had to look upto bigger dogs, now they all look upto me!! Bloodhounds rule – yeah!!

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