Not For Sale

I don’t run advertisements here, and I never have.  I’ve never had a giveaway.  I occasionally do book reviews when I enjoy a book, but I don’t do paid reviews.  I once reviewed a water bottle that I got for free, but I didn’t like it and said so.  After that, I decided to reject any offers to do reviews in exchange for free products.

Farmer’s Daughter is a reflection of my life.  I have a paying job and I also started writing for pay recently at a to-be-launched site (details coming soon).  This blog is my hobby, an enjoyable part of my life.  I decided long ago that this blog is not for me to make money.  Not that I think I could make that much money with it anyway.

This lifestyle that I live and blog about is not for sale.  I’m focusing on living with less, reducing my impact, avoiding consumerism, reducing waste.  I cannot in good conscience promote “stuff” via ads, giveaways or paid reviews.  And I don’t want to do that or feel any type of pressure or influence on what I write.  I write for me, and if you happen to enjoy what I have to say, my photos or my recipes, I’m so happy that you visit.

I visit blogs that have ads, occasional reviews and giveaways, and I’ve entered and even won giveaways of items that I thought would be useful (I won a copy of Sharon Astyk’s book Depletion and Abundance and a DVD of “Dirt,” an environmental film I’d like to show to my students).  I am turned off if a blog seems to be all about the “stuff” but I’ve found that most of the blogs I enjoy place much more value on content over consumerism.

What do you do on your own site? Why?



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17 responses to “Not For Sale

  1. I have to admit the idea of making $$$ from a blog sounds nice. I like your approach better though. If you keep it real and develop a following then you stand to gain some income from related ventures like writing elsewhere or selling books. I read some blogs that use sponsors and I tend to trust the authors to pick out good products. I personally rarely click or buy from those sponsors but I don’t mind the ads if it helps the author make a little dough.
    For me, my blog started as something fun for me to do and maybe draw some attention to our farm. Right now it’s more of a way to keep in touch with my family. I think eventually it will evolve back to what it used to be only (hopefully) better!

  2. Jo

    After attending Blog Her this past weekend, I’ve been thinking about these things, as well. I never want to become a blog of giveaways and paid reviews. Partly b/c I, like you, try to avoid overconsumption and commercialism, but also partly b/c I just find it really, really annoying when THAT is the bulk of someone’s content.

    That being said, I wouldn’t mind doing an occasional giveaway or review for a product that really fits my lifestyle. I’d be open to checking out products from small businesses or independent entrepreneurs as long as they were made with progressive values in mind (environmental, feminist, fair labor, etc.), and as long as I were only approached on occasion. I have yet to be approached at all, however, so I have no worries about any of it at the moment. I s’pose I’ll tackle my feelings further if/when the moment demands it?

    • I hardly ever get email pitches. I used to wonder why people seem to get them all the time and I never got anything, lol! I convinced myself that it’s probably because I don’t have an email contact info on the blog. But sometimes people just leave a comment with what would be in an email.

  3. I have done a few reviews, and one giveaway of an item that was provided for me. I have done a couple of other giveaways in the past, but for items I made myself, which feels different. I also accept paid advertising.

    The BlogHer ads that I run allow me to opt out of ad categories that I disagree with. And the few other ads that I’ve run have been for companies that I agree with.

    My criteria for accepting an ad is that it has to be a company that I would feel comfortable recommending to a friend. And my criteria for accepting a review is that it would have to be a product I would talk to a friend about. Most of the reviews I have done have been for things I bought myself and happened to love, actually.

    For me, blogging is not about making money. Almost no one actually makes money from blogging, directly. But I am OK with making a little bit off of advertising to pay my hosting costs and so on, provided that it doesn’t interfere with content. I have not accepted pay for reviews, and I would not. Again, this is about not interfering with content. In my everyday life, I do occasionally talk about products and services in the course of my day. I am willing to talk about products and services on my blog in the same way, in the course of my day.

    • You do reviews? I honestly hadn’t noticed, lol. I agree that making money off blogging helps a little bit, and there’s not a lot of money to be made! Don’t worry, I don’t find your ads overpowering at all, I visit your site for the great content 🙂

  4. I am not for sale as I don’t blog nearly regularly enough although I am averageing two or three a week at the moment because I finally figured out how to put photos up 🙂

    I don;t object to making a little money but I feel it does change the way the blog works and not necessarily for the better. It also tends to mean that my poor old computer just can’t go there any more.

    viv in nz

  5. You go, girl! I love your philosophy!

    So, then, don’t you just hate it when your blog appears in a Google browser (or whatever) and they’ve attached an ad at the top?!?

  6. Tia

    I started blogging purely as a means of keeping my own friends and family informed about what is going on in my (& my kids’) lives. We are scattered all across the states and this is the easiest way for everybody to see and in a way, be a part of the kids’ daily lives. Although they don’t comment my ex-husbands family also checks regularly and gets to see and be a part of our extended family. 🙂 If my friends/family get a little bit of insight into my philosophy of life and raising the kids, I figure thats just a bonus. 🙂

  7. To be honest, I’m torn.

    I’d be ok with giveaways, and maybe a few adds, and even an Amazon widgety thing, but only if it’s not obstructive. I’ve been thinking about adding a few of those items to my own site because my husband is out of work, and I’m just trying to make ends meet right now.

    I was a follower of a blog for about a week before I had to delete it from my favorites because it was ALL giveaways and product reviews. I’m turned off when you have to “follow” a blog to get an entry for a product. It feels like a bit like high school – “if you like me, I’ll give you stuff”.

  8. Rob

    I occasionally do a give away- usually something small like seeds (BTW How did those Atlantic Gian Pumpkins Do???). Or when the water district gave me free stuff I paid it forward with a give away. And once in a blue moon I have a real good prize. Just because I love anyone who reads my blog. And I have a giving spirit.

  9. Terry aka Goatldi

    I am , I guess to some boring. I don’t do giveaways , or feature elaborate sections dedicated to cooking, photography, kids (except 4 legged) etc. I am not the worlds best at expressing myself and my life is for some sorely lacking in bling and excitement.

    What I do in my blog (when I am not painfully behind as I am now) is to chronicle my days. It is about my life, our farm, our goats, our family. It is about being as self sufficient as we can and planning on how we can do more.

    We don’t take trips to big cities (unless you count the monthly trip to Santa Rosa, Ca for Costco and Trader Joes) we haven’t gone out to dinner in over a year. Well except for the dinner at the Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka my friend and I had at the last goat show.

    And my blog shares the heartbreaks as well as the joy. Just living a animal centered life will give one many of those.

    Hey your life sounds like mine and I like that!

  10. I blog because I am have a ton of notebooks that are half filled with diaries that I have written and I am afraid of losing them. I want my kids to have a place where their history is recorded. I think giveaway blogs are nice and fun and I follow some of them, but those aren’t the blogs I follow to learn and grow and simply just relax and enjoy. Yours is a learn, grow, relax and enjoy blog! I cherish blogs like yours for just getting to know others who are similarly minded. I am a SAHM and my “friends” whose blogs I follow are a way of escape now and then. So, I just want to say thank-you for not being a review/giveaway blog. ~Jessica

  11. The products I post ads and/or reviews of are ones I think are useful and I myself would or do use.

    I hope you don’t find mine to commercial. I try and keep a balance.

    • Not at all! I actually find your reviews really helpful and interesting, as they’re products I’d actually use. The annoying ones are all plastic toy crap for kids, and it seems those bloggers are only in it for the free stuff. I know you’re blogging to change the world 🙂

  12. I totally agree with you mindset, the second there is an advertisement it becomes work, and not a hobby. I have embraced the same mindset on my own blog.

    Farming should be about family, fun, food and harmony. I liken advertising on my site to “friends” who only pitch wares when the visit, not cool.

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