Menu Plan *Friday

What can I say? I got groceries today, and I have time! My first week at work is next week, so I’m hoping a menu plan will help me get organized and help to streamline my cooking as well as make sure nothing gets wasted.  I’m making an effort to have lots of healthy vegetables, and I’ll be taking leftovers to work for lunch.  I’m not setting days, since I’d rather make whatever I feel like having, and this will allow for any disruptions in the plan.

Meal 1

  • chicken breast stuffed with spinach and ricotta (double batch and freeze)
  • brown rice
  • carrots
  • tossed salad

Meal 2

  • homemade pizza
  • tossed salad

Meal 3

  • roasted chicken
  • stuffing
  • butternut squash
  • cranberry applesauce
  • tossed salad

Meal 4

  • spaghetti and meatballs (double batch and freeze)
  • sauteed spinach with garlic
  • tossed salad

Meal 5

  • pork chops
  • buttered noodles
  • sauteed cabbage
  • applesauce
  • tossed salad

Meal 6

  • crab cakes
  • mashed potatoes
  • sauteed spinach with garlic
  • tossed salad

Meal 7

  • take out!


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7 responses to “Menu Plan *Friday

  1. Sounds pretty organised 🙂

    Specially the take out! Thats the night the boys round here wait for – forget the rest of the week!!! 🙂

    viv in nz

  2. Sounds Yummy! If you want to send me your email address to, I will send you my 6 week meal plan that we use at my house. We start at week 1, go through until week 6 and then start over at week 1. It has really helped us at getting food ready the night before so that we don’t have to think too much when we get home from a long day at work on the farm. Talk to you soon! xo

  3. ctdaffodil

    Wow – back to school for you – looks like you have a good plan there – I’ve been working on the same thing here – I’ve decided the first week of school the house will be empty for 3 days and I can crank out/prep some dinners for the freezer – it is going to be a busy year at our house with school for the kids, art classes and swimming after school and scouting…

    I hope you keep posting your weekly menu ideas – I love seeing what others are making – keeps me on my toes to find new family favorites

    ps your little munchkin man has gotten sooo big!!!

  4. I’m putting in a vote for take out being your first day back! 😛

  5. Wow! You’re way too organized for me! There was a time (before you were born) when I would plan menus for the week and grocery shop just once/week. What happened? Now it seems I’m shopping every other day.

    So glad you’re getting your act together and that you’re having a good experience w/ getting groceries delivered. You’re an inspiration!

    Just one question: where’s the ice cream for dessert?

  6. Erica


    I have to ask- how do you usually prepare your butternut squash? I’ve only ever roasted it, then mashed it-which I love. Tried grilling it on kabobs tonight but it didn’t cook long enough. 😉

    OH! And do you have the recipe on your website for the stuffed chicken breasts? That sounds DELISH!

    • I roast it and mash it, or I cut it in cubes, add butter and maple syrup and roast it that way.

      Nope, haven’t posted the chicken recipe yet, but I should! It’s just a mixture of chopped spinach, ricotta, mozzarella cheese, sometimes an egg, salt and pepper, stuffed inside a chicken breast that I slice through the middle, bake at 400 for 30 mins. Really yummy!

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