The End of Dirt Days

Today’s guest post comes from Summer who blogs at Finding Summer.

Autumn is nearly here. Part of me is rejoicing in the fact that the smothering heat of summer is nearly gone. To finally be able to go outside during the day and not begin melting into the sidewalk. I cannot wait.

And yet, part of me still wishes it would hold off. I know what autumn means in the long run. Kids go back to school, the days grow shorter and cool breezes make way to freezing snow. Suddenly the never ending summer, ends. I cannot help but be a little sad about that.

My kids have made a point every day this summer to get dirty. They have built forts from left over pieces of wood and the old tractor tires in the side lot. They have roamed through the tall grass of the empty field behind us, gathering wildflowers and grasshoppers along the way. They’ve tracked off down the dusty road that leads to the cows near our house, coming home covered in dust and full of excitement. The summer has been a parade of dirt days that they have rejoiced in having.

So the end of summer is somewhat bittersweet. Soon enough I won’t be mopping muddy footprints off the kitchen floor, which is good. But that means the kids won’t be making mud bricks in the backyard, which is bad. Before I know it, we will be trapped inside, hiding from the snow, and dreaming of next spring when the grass begins to grow again.

Knowing that our days are limited means we are making an effort to enjoy it as much as possible now. Staying out late to chase fireflies, eating as many strawberries and watermelon as we can, and following that old dusty road as far as it will take us. We are trying to get minutes to creep out into hours so we can savor every moment.

It is nearly the end of the dirt days around here. I never thought I would be sad to see the summer go.

Summer is a mother of three and freelance writer taking it slow and easy in the red dirt of Oklahoma. She writes about life at her personal blog FindingSummer.  



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4 responses to “The End of Dirt Days

  1. I am very sad to see this summer end, myself. I crammed as much into it as I could, but it still feels too short. Summer is my favourite season, and I’m not looking forward to the cold and dark to come.

  2. It’s still in the 90’s here, but I feel autumn coming. My kids noses are stuffing up, a sure sign. I hate cold weather….

  3. Thank you for the guest post Summer! I’m a true New Englander and love all four seasons, but around here they’re pretty much all dirty 🙂

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