I mentioned that our friends Natalie and Steve live in London.  Apparently, these beautiful hair decorations are called “Fascinators” and are quite popular there, in addition to extravagant hats.  I fell in love with them at Nat and Steve’s wedding and spent much of the ceremony photographing of the backs of people’s heads. 

Now I’m trying to figure out when it would be an appropriate occasion for me to wear a Fascinator… Maybe my 30th birthday party? (Surprise, of course… Mom let me know when it will be!) They’re so much classier than party hats!



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9 responses to “Fascinators

  1. Call me ignorant (dang, I do have to get around to patching my bib overalls), but I think such an accessory would be appropriate at any festive occasion. The pictures all demonstrate the formal expression, true, and would grace any similar occasion.

    But the fascinator seems to be an extension of the venerable hair ribbon. Just think of something between a hair ribbon and a scrunchy, expressed instead as a fascinator, and one would be comfortable and attractive at any dress level, I imagine right down to business casual or community or family social.

    I wouldn’t want to be caught wearing such a thing. Why, the cows would look at me and go “Moo!”. The chickens might cluck at me, too. Yodel the cat wouldn’t be paying any attention, as long as I am headed toward his feed pan.

    But you are right, the things are attractive and fun, perhaps even whimsical.


  2. You could do the cutest themed birthday party! And have everyone dress up and wear one! And Joshua will be old enough to not to completely ruin your hair… I’ve been able to wear earrings more and more… even dangly ones!

  3. I’ve seen them all around town (Boston) — usually on cute little college-aged kids going out for the evening. They are also RIDICULOUSLY EASY to make. Start with a comb or a barrette if you want it to stay more securely. Little bit of tulle, little bit of ribbon, maybe a flower or feather… easy peasy.

    • Oh, I will be looking into making my own! Somehow though it reminds me of the 80’s when I filled clear plastic with beads and made a big, gaudy bow at girl scouts… 🙂 I came across some kits when I was looking at them online, I defnintely want to make my own now 🙂

  4. I think you just need another friend to get married. Or have a baby christened, or something similar. Or maybe you could have an upscale holiday party. Baby-friendly, of course.

  5. Ha, ha! We WILL have to find an occasion to wear some Fascinators!

    They certainly are beautiful and stylish and remind me of a hat with a small veil attached that your grandmother wore to her oldest daughter’s wedding!

    LOVE it!

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