Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

wild turkey

Wild turkey in our driveway

I love how everyone seems to have their specialty when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner.  I’m planning to do a roundup of Thanksgiving recipes here next week, so please share a link (or a few links) to your favorite appetizer, turkey, side or dessert!

Read more about my family’s Thanksgiving traditions.



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3 responses to “Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

  1. Benjamin's Stuffing Served in a Cast Iron Skillet

    A few years ago when we (my wife Deborah, son John Isaac and of course myself) moved to Redding, California, we found ourselves in a new city the week before Thanksgiving.  With not really knowing anyone in Redding, I suppose we did what anyone would do, we planned a last minute meal for Thanksgiving, to be eaten on TV trays (or dinning room table did not fit in the moving truck).  I confess, I ended up kind of throwing things together based on my memories of Thanksgiving Dinners from years past, but in the midst of improvisation and last minute panic my recipe for stuffing came about.  It is the perfect mix of savory and sweet, crunches and yet has a moist consistency, it is the
    balance of many things.
    You can link to the recipe here Benjamin’s Stuffing

  2. I follow you on Twitter and I love your blog too!
    Hope you don’t mind if I link to you 🙂

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