Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap 2010

My cookie swap is back for its third year! It’s easy to participate: simply blog about your favorite Christmas recipes and share the link in the comments some time between now and Christmas.  Feel free to share cookies, candies, fudge, yule logs, egg nog or hot chocolate, or any other special Christmas recipe, even if you’ve shared it in my cookie swap in previous years!  I’ll keep the recipes with links to your post on the side bar for everyone to enjoy. 

Please feel free to use the button on your cookie posts or anywhere on your blog!

This post is my contribution to Retro Housewife Goes Green’s Holiday Blog Carnival.



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17 responses to “Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap 2010

  1. I’m hosting a Green Holiday Blog Carnival on Sunday, you are welcome to submit this for it.

  2. LOVE the new logo! I can probably handle this, if it’s a virtual swap, meaning I don’t have to actually make dozens and dozens? Ho, ho, ho . . .

  3. Rob

    I know I know- this is supposed to be a cookie swap… but you gotta wash down those cookies with something…


    This is the official recipe to the cookies I did a few years ago (perhaps for your first swap?). And tomorrow, I’m off to make bakalava with friends, so I’ll be sure to post and link you!

  5. Ken

    What a fun idea! Here’s my favorite, old-fashioned spice gum drop cookies:


  6. Maple walnut ice cream – it’s a Canadian classic, and a great last-minute gift:

  7. Pingback: | Maple Walnut Ice Cream Recipe

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