Baby Weight

When I see this picture of me at age 20, I can’t help but wonder: Will my tummy ever be that flat again?

I didn’t gain an inordinate amount of weight with my pregnancy: the 40 pounds that I put on was within the healthy range for weight gain. After losing about 25 pounds in the first few weeks after giving birth to Joshua, I assumed the rest of the weight would melt off and I’d be below my pre-pregnancy weight in no time, especially since I was planning to exclusively breastfeed.

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A week before Joshua was born


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6 responses to “Baby Weight

  1. kloppenmum

    I blame extra skin. Apparently I have a lot of it. Oh, and gravity 🙂

  2. FWIW, I’ve always heard that breastfeeding makes it much HARDER to lose weight, which makes sense to me. Your body is trying to store up fat to feed the baby.

    Anyway, seems like you have come to a really sane and zen place with your weight which is great. Curves are beautiful!

  3. Rob

    Women are suppose to have curves!

  4. Laura

    I didn’t start losing weight until around 7-8 months (when I started my daughter on baby food). My body did have a hard time keeping weight on though because my body kept overproducing milk, I started with 9 ounces per breast for the first few months! My daughter was a chunky cute little baby and definitely walked before she crawled because her legs were too cute and chunky (again, exclusively breastfed). However, I did not notice a significant weight loss until around her 8 month and even it was awhile. It takes time and don’t worry too much about it.

  5. The thing about breast feeding, is that you lose a whole lot of weight at first. Then your body says “Hey I need some of that extra fat because I’m making all this food for the baby too.” It then refuses to give up the last few pounds. If you’re like most of us, you’ll lose the last 15 pounds just in time to get pregnant again.

  6. ctdaffodil

    I found the last 10 were the hardest to lose – I’ve been trying for almost 8 years….Gave up looking at numbers on the scale and went with how I look in my clothes and how I feel – if I feel healthy and toned and in good shape – its a good thing.

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