Simple Success

I set my simple goals back in August for Elsie’s challenge and since 2011 is almost here, I’m reporting on my success.

  1. Start Knitting Again: This has been a difficult goal since my hands always seem to be busy with Joshua, work, making dinner or picking up, and when they’re not busy I’ve got them to the keyboard.  I did start a hat for Joshua but haven’t gotten more than a few rows done.  However, I just joined the newly organized Stitch Craft Club at my school and I’ll be able to attend at least once a month, so that’s better than nothing! I’m really excited about the club and it’s open to both faculty and students.  I’m hoping to learn a little more there and get motivation to finish my projects!
  2. Learn More About Chickens: I just received my copy of Chick Days by Jenna Woginrich (of Cold Antler Farm fame) and have been reading it when I get moments.  I’ve already instructed Ed that he is to build a chicken coop for me for my 30th birthday in March and I’m planning to get chickens this spring.  I still need to pick out varieties and decide how many to get!
  3. Go to Bed Early: This has been difficult for me, since I’m so busy with work and Joshua that my only time to get things done online and around the house is at night.  Still, I’ve mostly been able to get to sleep by 10, so I’ll consider that a success. 
  4. Blog Weekly: I’m doing my best! My cookie swap here at Farmer’s Daughter is in full swing (see the side bar!), my Breastfeeding Diaries posts are running weekly, and I’ve even managed to update Joshua’s baby book blog on a regular basis.

I’d say I’m doing pretty well, especially since I’m now back at work full time! Just don’t expect me to get the dishes done.  Did you join in this challenge? How are you doing?



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5 responses to “Simple Success

  1. I love the learn more about chickens goal. My wife and I really want to start raising chickens!

    Glitzy Gals Club

  2. Congratulations, Abbie! You’re a superwoman in my book!

  3. The sleep thing kills be every time. I just cannot seem to get to bed before 11 – I’m so busy getting caught up on things that don’t happen before the boys go to bed.

  4. Rob

    I think you met the goals of your challenge with stars! A+ Teach!

  5. Chickens! That’s so exciting. Chickens are a dream of mine. Sadly, our current home doesn’t allow enough space, but one day!

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