CT Farm Fresh Express

CT Farm Fresh Express order (3/365)

The problem with being a mom and working full-time is that I just don’t have as much time to do things as I used to have.  Shopping is one of those things, and I’ve come to love grocery delivery.  However, ordering groceries didn’t allow me to choose locally produced foods in most cases, so it was a sacrifice I was making.  In Connecticut, it’s difficult to find locally produced foods in the winter, and although we do store large quantities of beef and pork and small quantities of chicken, turkey, fish and shellfish in our freezer, I didn’t do as much other food preservation as I had hoped this summer.  I had resigned myself to using conventional produce until late spring when my garden starts producing, strawberries are in season and the farmer’s markets re-open.

One day right before Christmas, I was searching for a friend on Local Harvest and stumbled upon CT Farm Fresh Express, a delivery service that supplies Connecticut residents with local food! I was so excited, and the picture above shows my first order.  (No, it doesn’t come in a sled… We were out enjoying Joshua’s new sled when we saw that the delivery had arrived, and I saw a photo-op!)

Now, of course it’s winter so there’s not a ton of produce available, but still there’s quite a bit! I got veggies like potatoes, carrots, shallots, winter squash, thyme and salad greens.  I also picked up some apples, delicious cheese, butter, eggs and a fresh baguette.  I would say the prices are comparable to shopping at a farmer’s market, and the convenience is great.  Unlike the big grocery store, I didn’t have to be at home to receive the delivery.  Instead, I joined their “cooler exchange” program and they left the groceries in a cooler on my front porch.  Next time, I’ll leave the cooler outside and they’ll pick it up and leave my new groceries in another cooler.  Easy!

I love shopping online and I’m willing to pay a little extra for quality local food.  This is a great solution for me for winter shopping!

Have you ever tried grocery delivery?


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14 responses to “CT Farm Fresh Express

  1. Chariot

    What a great idea! We have a local, homemade soup delivery but I haven’t heard of anything like this.

  2. ctdaffodil

    the only one I’ve tried was peapod. It was very helpful the year the youngest was sick and in and out of hospital so much. I loved not taking him out into the germy world once quarantine was over.

  3. That is so awesome! I don’t think we have any delivery services around here, but I can at least call the butcher ahead and order the cuts of meat I want and they’ll have it ready for me, so that’s a nice time saver!

  4. I wish this was an option here. Not for the convenience but for the selection. I can’t find local cheese (organic or other), and am limited in my “local” milk, although we are about to explore Goat Milk which is more local although 2x the cost of Jersey Milk. If only I could find a way to purchase what I want how I want. 2 Gallons of milk in glass jars and 2 quarts of cream in glass, from pasture fed cows all spring, summer, and fall. I could even forgo it in the winter, cause I would be freezing some…

  5. Kara

    Thank you for this post! We are in CT too, and am SO GLAD to have seen this! I will be ordering soon! I have friends in FL that get organic local produce delivered year round, and I was so jealous! I’d tried finding something like this, but apparently didn’t look hard enough. Thank you again!

  6. We have a milkman and get our eggs and milk locally. They also offer things like cream cheese, juice, bread, etc.

    I love it!

  7. I haven’t tried grocery delivery yet, but am very tempted. I seem to be going to the store way too much!

    I can attest to the fact that the local cheese and bread were both delicious; thanks for sharing!

  8. I have tried grocery delivery. I liked it, but unfortunately I found that I wasn’t able to get everything I wanted and needed through my local delivery service. I ended up going to the grocery store and the farmers market and getting delivery, and it ended up being too much, so I cut out the delivery. I miss it sometimes, though, and I think it’s especially great when you have a newborn.

  9. We don’t have a local option for food delivery that I know of. When we were doing the milk share they had a drop off location only a couple miles from our house but they weren’t there at times that we could go easily. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to manage with the stores we have and use the non-local food co-op to fill in the gaps. I have to pick up my order uptown once a month but other people bring their babies since you stay right by your vehicle. All we’ll be left with is occasional butter and whatnot from the store and hopefully Brian can pick that up on his way home. It all sounds great in theory – we’ll see! 🙂

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