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4 responses to “Oink

  1. A picture–as well as a word–is worth a thousand words!

    Looks like a symbol of a well-used tool of an incredible cook!

  2. KatieEE

    This picture makes me smile!

    My husband had pigs growing up as one of his (many) 4-H projects, and his uncle one year for Christmas made him a pig cutting board which his mother still uses and displays just like this one! When we moved this past year from Upstate New York to Missouri she wasn’t giving it up, so when I ran across someone who crafts these at a Farmer’s Market in Montana while I was on business I had to pick one up for him. It is a small, but wonderful reminder of home!

  3. I love those cutting boards! My problem is I cut too many garlic cloves and onions, so my cutting boards forever waft their scent — I wouldn’t feel comfortable having that aroma as decoration.

    Also, congrats on joining the Green Phone Booth!

  4. This totally takes me back my mom used to have one of these on the counter when I was a kid! Wonder if she still has it…..

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