One Photo, Five Ways

Since I’m doing a 365 project where I try to post a photo every day for a year (at least for this month!), I’ve been playing around with photo editing.  I don’t have fancy editing software, but I downloaded Picasa and have been enjoying myself. Check out this picture of Joshua sledding. The sled was a Christmas gift from my parents, and his snowsuit (which he’s rapidly outgrowing!) was a gift from Ed’s parents.

Straight out of the camera!

Black and White


Using Focal B&W to try to keep the sled in color while the rest of the photo is B&W

Again using Focal B&W, this time to keep his pink face and blue eyes

I think I like the Focal B&W with the red sled the best. Which one is your favorite?



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7 responses to “One Photo, Five Ways

  1. I LOVE the B/W with the accent of the red sled! (Even before I read YOUR fave!)
    Awesome shots/tricks, Ab!

  2. certainly the black and white with red sled. Red is always a fun color to keep.

  3. I’m with you. Like the red sled. Like the straight up B&W too. Isn’t playing with pictures fun?

  4. Aunt Sara

    I’m old fashioned and like the entire picture in color…or the baby in color. But all versions are terrific when the subject matter is Josh!

  5. My favorite is the full color photo. I love the contrast of the bright red sled and the bright blue stripe of shaded snow. It’s stunning.

  6. Rob

    I like the out of the camera pic. Good crisp color. Otherwise I like Sepia. You can never go wrong with a Sepia print!

  7. I love the one with just the sled in color. 🙂

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