Waiting for February

It has been a long January around here.  In fact, it’s been the snowiest Connecticut January on record.  We’ve had a huge snowstorm every week, and six snow days from school.  I’m going just a little bit stir crazy.

I’ve always said that I’m a true New Englander because I love all four seasons, but right about now it’s getting very hard to enjoy winter.  Joshua is too young to really play in the snow, and the few times I bundled him up and headed outside were short-lived at best.

I’ve been trying to remember why I used to like winter, and I do have some great childhood memories of fun in the snow.  Sledding down the hills on the farm, where on a very good day you could make it past the peach orchard, into the apple orchard and all the way to the pond.  It was a very long walk back up the hill, but it was worth it.  Skating on the pond after getting the okay from my grandfather, and doing my best twirls, figure eights and skating backwards while the boys played hockey.  Riding our old snowmobile, “The Whip,” around the horse trail and through the orchards, where I was happy for a leisurely ride.  Attaching a rubber raft to the back of the snowmobile and inviting all of our friends to come for rides in the field, until the raft popped.  Skiing in Vermont, going slow and steady down the bunny trail.  Though I’ve skied for a long time, I’m not a dare-devil and consider it a success if I’ve made it all day without falling down.  Enjoying some of my mom’s homemade soup or hot chocolate, warming up and letting our mittens dry before heading back out to play.

What are your favorite winter memories?



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7 responses to “Waiting for February

  1. We’re struggling here because of the cold… it’s not worth stuffing Liam into all his gear and straining the zipper on my coat to go outside for less than 10 minutes! I’m hoping that when he’s older, we can go and sled all morning and return home to a fire in the fireplace and grilled cheese sandwiches.

    At least right now, we are able to share the hot cocoa and baking I always enjoyed as a kid!

  2. My favorite part is coming back inside and warming up!!! lol. I loved sledding and skating when I was younger. There were a few winters when my brothers and I played hockey on our little pond. We had one stick between the four of us and some years we did not have skates, but would be scooting around on the ice in our boots instead. Those are GOOD memories!

  3. As much as I’ve complained this winter, it’s playing in the snow with my kids. They are just old enough to really enjoy it!!!

  4. Jennifer Hamilton

    Having grown up in Florida, I conjure up such different memories than what you experience in your New England winter months. I don’t even know if one can call it a winter, but during the months that you are referring to, we would drink warm jello after exiting the cold swimming pool. February in Florida always meant that it was time to pick strawberries and then of course, make some delicious strawberry shortcake. While we don’t have snow for sledding and skiing, we do have things that we look forward to in the cooler months of the year in sunny Florida.

  5. Great idea to get outside! Another outdoor winter activity the whole family would enjoy is maple sugaring. It is simple and rewarding. Visit http://www.tapmytrees.com for all the information you need to get started. There is nothing better than homemade maple syrup on a stack of pancakes!

  6. I just came across your blog, and I just had to add something! 🙂 I am originally from Germany, and most of my family is still over there. I’ve been living in California for four years now, and while I love the great weather here, I really started to miss the cold and snowy winter in Germany. My favorite Winter memory is always connected to Christmas. When it is freezing outside, we used to light the fireplace, drank a cup of hot chocolate and just listened to Christmas songs in front of the fireplace while watching the snowflakes falling outside. And then the next day we would take long walks through the white countryside. I love the way your skin feels when you have been out in the cold for a while, and then you go back inside a warm room. Your skin is cold and rosy, but you feel alive and awake. Maybe that sounds a little strange, but does anybody know that feeling?

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