Online Sisterhood

How many of my friends are currently breastfeeding their children? ZERO.

I do have friends who nursed their children or exclusively pumped but none right now. I talk to my coworkers about it a lot, and they offer advice and tips about pumping at work. It’s been valuable, but I kind of wish I had a comrade; I wish I knew someone who is currently breastfeeding and pumping, just like me. A sister, so to speak.

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8 responses to “Online Sisterhood

  1. From one sister to another, I have felt your pain girl:)
    When my first child was born I wored full time as a nurse. I would head down the hall every 3 hours with my medela and pump away. I wish I had known bloggin then, because most of the women I worked with were formula feeders and the other mamas stayed at home and didn’t have to worry about it.

    Im expecting my third child now and am home full time. It took me 6years and laying down {for me} my dreams to follow God’s calling for me to be mother…
    simply,humbly…full time.

    How blessed you are to have that online sister hood. I think it’s easy to give up on breast feeding because of lack and support.

    I could rant on and one.

    Great Post!

  2. The internet is a wonderful place to find like-minded mothers when you feel all alone in the “real” world. I have found such great support from moms I’ve never met.

    (Also posted this comment on the Bravado site)

  3. Oh how I wish you could make it to a La Leche League meeting. These women were so helpful to me when I was nursing. I know it can be hard, especially when so many other mothers are not breastfeeding, but as you know, it is such an investment in your health, your baby’s health, and in your relationship too. Go you Abbie!

  4. My daughter is a SAHM, but she still pumps so she can have date nights with her husband and have her baby bond with me three times/week. Astrid is a few months older than your son, IIRC. She’s one-year old today and we celebrated here Saturday.

    Doubt my daughter would be interested in posting at the breastfeeding forum; she barely posts on my blog.

  5. ashleigh

    I exclusively nursed Jojo until he was 31 months old. To all my friends and even family I was very radical. I know the loneliness of not having anyone to talk to. I went to LLL occasionally, but I live way out on a farm and LLL is over an hour away. Keep up the good work and don’t give up. It’s worth it! Jojo has never had a single ear infection, or other illness. The worse sickenss he has had is a moderate cold. Now he is 6. I contribute that to breastfeeding!

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