Sunday Stories

Since I write in a few different places, I’ve decided to start a new feature here called “Sunday Stories” where I will share my other posts from the past week. 

This week at the Breastfeeding Diaries, I shared how I overcome objections:

 It always starts with “How’s the baby sleeping?” (A loaded question.) I’ve tried humor- “Sleep? What’s that?” and I’ve tried honesty- “On a good night, he’s up 4-5 times. On a bad night, he’s up every 15-30 minutes.” Both of these responses lead to people giving unsolicited advice about my choice to co-sleep and/or breastfeed on-demand.

At the Green Phone Booth, I wrote a round up of 10 Ways to Upcycle Jeans:

These Recycled Jean Pocket Pets are so cute! I especially love the owl and can imagine it sitting on a tall bookshelf in my son’s room.

I had a second post this week at the Green Phone Booth! I shared some fun facts about maple syrup in Sugaring Season:

It takes approximately 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup.

We also spent some time on the farm yesterday, joining my family as they tapped trees.  Check out my mom’s blog for more pictures.

I’ve also decided two things after looking at my mom’s pictures from yesterday:

  1. The blue, men’s XL jacket that I wore last year when I was 9 months pregnant does nothing for my figure now.
  2. It can’t all be blamed on the jacket.  I joined weight watchers.


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2 responses to “Sunday Stories

  1. Thanks for all the links, Ab! It’s hard to keep up with ALL you do and write!

    Thanks for the link to my blog, too; sorry about the jacket! Hey, pick yourself out a new one and it’s an early birthday gift from me!


  2. You are one busy lady! I love the photos of Joshua too btw. The cute red hoodie is adorable.

    Good luck at ww! I can’t wait to hear the details! I gained a few pounds this winter (feeling puffy), so I’m keeping a food journal to stay more mindful of what’s passing my lips and ending up on my hips, lol.

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