Giveaway: The Rainbow Collection from Cubit’s Organics

Giveaway week of my Spring Celebration is finally here! Up first, Laura from Cubit’s Organics is offering her favorite seed collection, The Rainbow Collection!

Some details on the collection:

Sing along with me:

“Have you experienced the Rainbow Collection, the Gardeners, the Dreamers, and me?”

A collection of our 4 most popular seed packs.
Rainbow of Radishes
Colourful Carrots
Mixed Beets
Rainbow Swiss Chard

All Organic. All Open Pollinated. All so Rainbowy!
A hit with gardeners and children, and children gardeners.

4 separate packages of our seeds, handpacked in Toronto in 100% recycled paper packaging with full planting instructions.

To enter, leave a comment answering the following question: What’s your favorite veggie to grow from seed?

For extra entries (you must leave a separate comment here for each; 1 extra entry each):

  • Visit Cubit’s Organic Living blog, then come leave another comment here about it
  • Visit Cubit’s etsy shop, pick out your favorite product and come back here to share it in a comment
  • “Like” Cubit’s Organic Living on Facebook and leave a comment here to tell me you did
  • Follow @Cubits on twitter, then come back here and leave a comment with your twitter handle

This giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada only. Entries close at midnight on March 30, and winners will be announced on March 31. Good luck!


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82 responses to “Giveaway: The Rainbow Collection from Cubit’s Organics

  1. My favorite veggie to grow from seed is radishes – they are ready to harvest so quickly and hubby loves them on his salads!

  2. Just visited Cubit’s Organics blog – what a neat site…her pictures are fabulous! My favorite was the picture of Rebecca sleeping with her head on Hazel.

  3. I just liked Cubit’s Organic Living on Facebook :o)

  4. Just followed Cubits on Twitter – my Twitter handle is @DonnaHuebsch …this has been fun :o)

  5. Carrots. I love to grow carrots, can’t wait to grow them with the kids.

  6. Stephanie Fortunato

    I love growing carrots with my Mom! There is nothing better than fresh carrots. The taste difference between those and pre-packaged is amazing. And, my rabbits reap the benefits as well; they love to get the carrot tops!!

  7. Stephanie Fortunato

    I just visited the Cubit’s Organic Living blog. So interesting! I love the seed starting pictures because that’s what I’m doing right now!

  8. My favourite veggie to grow from seed is tomatoes – they taste SO much better when you’ve grown them yourself. Right now I am growing Brandywine, Beefsteak, & Polish Linguisa varieties. 🙂

  9. I *LIKED* Cubits Organic Living on Facebook. 🙂

  10. Stephanie Fortunato

    On Cubit’s Etsy Shop, my favorite is the Dwarf Nasturtium. I have never grown this before and I bought those seeds from Cubits not too long ago! I also bought Thyme and Sage. I always check the site ever since I bought seeds from them back in February because I love everything on there 🙂

  11. Stephanie Fortunato

    I have been a fan of Cubit’s Facebook page since I bought the seeds from them back in February. It’s how I saw this contest pop up in my newsfeed!

  12. Just visited your Etsy Shop, and the first thing to catch my eye was the Cosmic Purple Carrots – that’s just WILD! I’d love to grow some of those. 🙂

  13. Corn. Great for kids to help with because of the big kernels.

    estrella8888 at roadrunner dot com

  14. Those cosmic purple carrots at the etsy shop are an unbelievably beautiful color!!! :O)

  15. Stephanie Fortunato

    Just started following @Cubits on Twitter and my handle is @bunmom21!!

  16. I’m following them on twitter.

  17. Bee

    If we have to pick we love lettuce seeds but I don’t think I’ve met a seed we didn’t like. 🙂 Oh purple dragon carrots are another favorite!

  18. Bee

    We follow @cubits on twitter @FLgardening 🙂

  19. Bee

    We LIKE Cubit’s Organic Living on Facebook too! (That’s how we found out about this cool giveaway)!

  20. I haven’t actually grown anything from seed yet >.> but I think it would probably be cukes or something like that, where you can SEE them getting bigger every day!

  21. I like the picture of Rebecca and the Rabbit in the carrier packaging seeds. So cute! This is on the website.

  22. The color of that Watermelon Radish (on the Etsy) is absolutely beautiful. Her photos are a work of art.

  23. Rob

    Went and visited Cubit’s page; and their etsy shop. Gotta feeling they will be getting some business from me in the etsy shop!
    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  24. I have visited the Cubit’s Organic Living Blog before this contest, I love her story about her canning disaster – it makes me smile plus her photos are amazing!

    My favourite product of hers, is one I am going to purchase from her this Sunday, it is the PURPLE PEPPER! look how amazingly purple it is!

    I already like Cubit’s Organic Living on Facebook after having such a good experience with her as a customer.

    I have been following Cubit’s on twitter for a while now, my twitter handle is @powerdonuts

    My favourite veggie to grow from seed is tomatoes. They were the first plant I grew as a kid, and from seed as well. The seedlings always bring back good memories, they also smell nice and tomatoes are just fun to grow!

  25. Megan

    My favourite thing to grow from seed is purple beans… it’s like having a free candy machine in my backyard!

  26. katika f

    Swiss Chard and tomatoes are favorite veggies to grow from seed

  27. Steph Trotter

    My favorite vegetable to grow would defiantly be tomatoes the leaves are so cute and have to be some of the easiest to grow.

  28. I love to grow tomatoes because there is nothing like the experience of biting into one that is warmed by the sun and grown by your own hand.

  29. I like the Organic Aunt Rubys German Green Tomato Seeds, like I said before I am a sucker for a tomatoes and I wonder what kind of recipe I can it with in the summer.

  30. I liked Cubit’s Organic Living. I am starting a square foot garden this week so I am excited for other gardeners perspectives.

  31. I think I crashed their blog by looking up their mostly home made Christmas presents. I really wanted to know what the quilted braid thing was too!

  32. Liz

    I follow Cubits on twitter and facebook… My favorite thing to grow from seed would be Swiss chard… cook that fresh from the garden with some butter … yummy

  33. Ruth

    There are so many! I loved growing lettuce and beans growing up, but I haven’t found what works best in my soil – this is only year 2!
    rutheadler at

  34. Ruth

    They are making me feel like I’m behind! They already have seedings coming up and I haven’t even planted anything yet!
    rutheadler at

  35. Ruth

    The Organic Red Pear Cherry Tomato seeds look great!
    rutheadler at

  36. Ruth

    I “like” Cubit’s Organic Living on Facebook. Ruth Jacob
    rutheadler at

  37. I LOVE Cubits!!! =) I just discovered her shop recently!

    My favorite veggie to grow from seed has to be tomatoes. I love my tomatoes! =)

  38. I just visited Cubits Organic Living blog. Wow it looks awesome! I’m following! =)

  39. I think the Amish Paste Tomatoes are my favorite from Cubit’s shop. I live in Amish country, I love tomatoes, and I love to make my own sauces. 🙂

  40. I followed Cubits Organic Living on facebook!

  41. A lettuce mix. It comes up with all shapes, sizes and colors of leaves. It is quick to harvest as well.

  42. I love the blog. Your children are adorable and lots of pictures is always a hit. I like that you show the plants and also the meals made with the fruit of those plants.

  43. I would love to get the ring of fire peppers from the etsy shop and the rainbow swiss chard.

  44. I liked you on Facebook!!

  45. I followed you on Twitter… @MrsHomesteader

  46. Cody

    I love the rainbow collection of seeds. Please enter me for the drawing.

  47. Cody

    I just checked their etsy site. I dig the rainbow swiss chard photo.

  48. Cody

    Their fb site is pretty cool too.

  49. Cody

    I am adding their blog to my list of daily reads.

  50. Cody

    just in case you need it:

    outofi at yahoo dot com

  51. My favorite thing to grow from seed is Squash. I just love squash, all kinds, summer or winter. They are just such beautiful plants and you can get so many different varieties if you grow from seed.

  52. I have visited their etsy site several times …it is a great shop… very colourful!

  53. I love the blog. It is great to see a seed company based out of Toronto doing so well.

  54. I love growing tomatoes. So many varieties.

  55. I have been loving the Cubits blog for a while now.

  56. Love the purple tomatillo in Cubits Etsy shop.

  57. Lisa

    Watermelon. Growing from seed gives you so many varieties to chose from & the taste doesn’t compare to store-bought. We plant lots & cut them in 1/2 or quarters as they ripen–depending on how many neighbors have drifted into the yard “to visit” just at the right time. Saves me from clearing space out in the fridge for a whole melon & the neighbors are more accepting of our compost pile & brown lawn (I don’t water things that are not edible).

  58. I love growing lettuce. It’s one of the first things we plant each year and it’s so exciting to see green breaking ground after a season of winter.

  59. …visited the blog.

  60. …visited the Etsy shop.

    I really like the Organic German Chammomile. We are expanding our herbs this year for soap making and this sounds lovely:)

    Thanks for the chance at this give-away.

  61. Since this is my second year of gardening and I got a late start last year, this year marks my first year of growing veggies from seed. Not sure what I’ll like the best, but the tomatoes I grew last year were my favorites.

  62. Just checked out the blog…I love her daily photos!

  63. Soozle

    My favorite item to grow from seed are green beans – simply divine!

  64. Soozle

    I visted Cubit’s site and love the photo from March 13 of the seedlings – it makes me wish spring could make it’s presence known a little faster in these parts to get my garden started! 🙂

  65. Soozle

    I visited the Cubits etsy page and am beyond fascinated with the Organic Watermelon Radish seeds.. I had NO idea such a thing existed!

  66. Soozle

    I like Cubits on FB (Suzanne K)

  67. April Smith

    I like to grow sugar snap peas from seed

  68. April Smith

    The photo’s on Cubit’s Organic Living blog are amazing & make it hard to stop reading!

  69. April Smith

    Facebook is such a great way to keep up with all the amazing things I like! I “liked” Cubit’s Organic Living & now will be following them as well!

  70. I would have to say that my favorite thing to grow from seed would be tomatoes – I know that sounds so simple, but there is nothing that makes me happier than a bowl of fresh salsa! Oh man….

  71. I want to say tomato, just because they’re so prolific (and therefore really rewarding to gardening noobs like me!), but I can hear the chorus yelling at me for choosing a fruit as a vegetable. I hear you, chorus! I suppose my favourite veg would have to be the mighty beet – so hearty, so sweet and delicious, and so versatile! I definitely have a thing for beets at the moment 🙂

  72. I actually follow Cubits’s blog – doing so reminds me of why I am attempting the impossible by trying to grow a veggie garden on my condo balcony…

    Her project 365 pictures are always super inspiring, too. I’ve never seen a toddler take to a grapefruit with so much gusto!

  73. I follow Cubits on twitter via @wkpickering

  74. …I also ‘like’ Cubits on Facebook 🙂

  75. …and my favourite product of hers, at the moment, would have to be the Colourful Carrot Mix. I ordered it (along with mixed beets and dinosaur kale) a few weeks ago, and some of my seedlings are really coming alone nicely!

    I can’t wait to host a dinner party with colourful carrots as a side 🙂

  76. I like to grow butternut squash because it taste SO GOOD and the flowers are adorable. I like to take a mental journey up and down the twisted vines of this plant on long summer days when I am chilling in my garden with my son!

  77. Kristin

    My favorite vegetable to grow from seed is corn. In my opinion there is nothing better than picking a piece of corn thirty minutes before eating it.

  78. Probably cucumbers since I pickle most of them (big pickle fans in my house). Can’t wait to get started this season since we’re rationing the last few jars.