Giveaway #2: Reusable Bag

Here’s the second giveaway for my Spring Celebration!

My mom donated this chic reusable bag! She also gave me one for myself, and I’ve been using it to tote my scrapbooking supplies back and forth to my monthly scrapbooking night with a few friends.

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment about how you’ll use this bag!

Entries close at midnight on March 30, and winners will be announced on March 31. Good luck!

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17 responses to “Giveaway #2: Reusable Bag

  1. I’ll start by using your bag to schlepp supplies back and forth from school (I’m an art teacher); then I’ll most likely use it for groceries, or to carry milk, cheese and eggs home from the farm where I volunteer. It may, one day, even hold some snacks for our goats, who live on the farm, or hold a project-in-the making enroute to destinations unknown. I LOVE that bag!

  2. Kelly

    Love this blog: found you through Crunchy Chicken!! And here I am for a beautiful, scrumptious giveaway!!
    I am sure this bag would be full of yarn…a bag full of yarn for moments to sneak away and create!!

    Happy Spring!!!

  3. How lovely! This bag would be perfect for the Farmer’s Market goodies we buy every week! Thanks for a great blog and giveaway. Keep up the great work! ~Take Care

  4. Ooh! I looooove that bag. I use my reusable bags for a little bit of everything – groceries, of course, plus any other shopping, as travel bags when I take weekend trips, to carry stuff from the downstairs to the upstairs when my clutter has gotten away from me, and lots of other times I need a container. I can always use more bags! 🙂

  5. domestic diva

    I’d use it for trips to the farmers’ market.

  6. Lisa

    A floral shopping bag is just what I need–I can’t see my husband or sons stealing* it.
    (*I would say “borrowing” but since they haven’t returned any of my plain grocery bags…”stealing” seems more accurate).

  7. so many things I could use this for…

    The thing I would use it for most is grocery shopping.

    Thanks for the chance at this give-away Abby!

  8. Erin

    I would use this for clothes shopping!! I have bags for grocery only, and would love a fashionable one like this to bring to the mall!

  9. Peggy

    I would love it! Peggy

  10. Hmmm, so many possibilities….for carrying fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market, library books, my big bundles of cashola, groceries from Trader Joe’s, snacks to take to the beach or park. I can and will use the bag to carry all of the above…except maybe one. ;0) Fingers crossed…

  11. I think it’s so sweet that your own mama is in on the celebration! I would love this for my non-grocery shopping. I always wish I had something cuter than my “green bags” for the grocery when I stop in to the craft store or a boutique.

  12. April Smith

    This is such a beautiful bag! It would be my new farmer’s market bag to bring home my organic produce & flowers in!

  13. Oh, I would fill this lovely bag with my latest finds from the farmer’s market or yarn for my next crocheting project – what a beauty!

  14. Jeanna M

    I think I could use this when I visit the local health food store. But it would also be good to carry my crafting supplies in.

  15. Rob

    I would proudly carry this bag to the Farmer’s Market, Trader Joe’s and the grocery store. And I would proudly tell folks where it came from!

  16. Midgee

    This bag would come in handy for toting our “must-haves” like books, craft supplies, snacks, etc. to theatre rehearsals, orchestra rehearsals, orthodontist appointments, etc. We’re a busy family that refuses (just take the “f” out and it spells reuses) to use single-use plastic bags. Ban the bag!

  17. tamalyn fraley

    I would use the bag to carry my donations to the Airman’s Attic where I volunteer. The front pocket is just great for a phone or keys and the inside would be large enough for me to bring a few items with me each visit. A great way to clean closets and cupboards!