Giveaway #5: Custom gDiaper from SRH Custom Design

If you thought little bottoms in gDiapers couldn’t get any cuter, you were wrong! Check out Shannon of SRH Custom Design’s little gPants!

(Click on the individual image for a larger view.)

Shannon has agreed to give away a custom gDiaper! You’ll be able to choose your color and size of little gPants from, then select a fabric from the selection on the SRH Custom Design Facebook page! Believe me, I wish I could win this giveaway.  I’m already picking out designs for Joshua for this summer!

To enter, leave a comment answering the following question: Who do you want to see in a custom gDiaper?

  • For one extra entry, “like” SRH Custom Design on Facebook, then come back here and leave a comment. 
  • For one extra entry, visit the SRH Custom Design etsy shop, then come back here and tell me which gDiaper you like best.

Entries close at midnight on March 30, and winners will be announced on March 31. Good luck!


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80 responses to “Giveaway #5: Custom gDiaper from SRH Custom Design

  1. These are TOO CUTE! Some lucky little baby’s bottom is going to be especially cute!!!

  2. Angie LaMunyon

    My baby boy when he comes in June! It looks like most of her diapers are for girls, but I saw a camo one, and I think our little boy would look very cute in one like that 🙂

  3. I would love to see my sweet little baby’s bum in one of them. She is due in June.

  4. I visited the Etsy page and I like…

    .MEDIUM Goddess Pink gDiaper with custom owls waistband

    Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!

  5. Michelle T

    I would like to see my 1 year old Holly in a custome g dipe from SRH!

  6. Michelle T

    I really love the polka dot print in photo #20 on her facebook page—it would look great with that purplish coloured g dipe!!

  7. Michelle T

    LOVING the large sized Gooseberry diaper on her Etsy page!

  8. Melanie

    I would love to see my baby boy’s bum in one of Shannon’s awesome custom g’s. Maybe a pirate themed one 🙂

  9. lori

    I have a 15 month old little boy and another due in 3 weeks!! HUMMMMM — I gonna need two!!!!

  10. lori

    Oh I really love the brown camo and the vanilla bean with the planets!! Oh god and the blue peace sign!!

  11. I love these! I use gdiapers all the time as well as, totsbots.

  12. Macey Bryce

    I have a few g diapers for my little boy due in July… but no custom ones!! I would LOVE to see his sweet bum in one!!!

  13. Macey Bryce

    I LOVE the custom g’s and have “liked” the website for about a month now… I constantly look at the cute new diapers she creates! SOOOOO adorable!

  14. Rachel

    I would love to see my newbie’s bum in the dinosaur print gdiaper! He is due in a week and his big brother, Seamus, who was a gbaby himself, is obsessed with dinosaurs! Perhaps they can begin to bond over a cute dino bum that just happens to be good for the environment as well? It’s would be a win, win situation! Love, love, love her designs!

  15. Rachel

    Oh, and I just ‘liked’ her Facebook page as well! =)

  16. Cheryl

    I want to see my 17 month son in one of those cute custom gDiapers! Shannon’s work is amazing, I already liked her SRH Custom Design facebook page! On her Etsy shop, I LOVE the MEDIUM Goodnight Blue gDiaper with custom Peace waistband.

  17. Tricia Lee

    I would love to see my daughter, Erin, in custom gdiaper!! She’s making her presence in 2 weeks and I can’t wait to see her in these. I discovered you on etsy and I think they are so adorable!!

  18. Gah! Those are too cute! I’m excited to get to really dress Sylvia’s little bum up in fun colors and patterns… as soon as she gets here, that is! 🙂

  19. I loved the one with the owls and the gooseberry one! My goodness… to think that people actually buy Pampers or whatever and think they got a “cute” pattern! What the world misses out on…

  20. And of course, I did like the facebook page!

  21. Taylor

    I liked the facebook page, and I would love to see my son and my new baby boy coming this june in matching “g” diapers!

  22. Taylor

    I’m in love with that camo ‘g’ diaper, my son’s diaper bag and most of everything else is camo and he would look so cute wearing this :):)

  23. Richan

    We would love to see our 12 week old baby boy in another custom gdiaper by SRH we LOVE her diapers.

  24. Richan

    We are already a facebook fan.

  25. Richan

    We love all her diapers its so hard to pick just one but we like the vanilla with planets.

  26. Nel

    I want to see my baby girl, Karina and her two cousins Maya and Aneri in custom g’s! These three are the cutest little trio I’ve ever seen!

    I especially like the gooseberry flower pattern on Etsy.

  27. Jordan Epping

    We are so eager to put our baby girl into gDiapers! She’s due May 7, this year and we can’t wait! For now, our son LOVES practicing for diaper changes by putting the g’s on his stuffed monkey! He too is a big g fan! 😉

  28. Jordan Epping

    Wow- absolutley adorable designs! I’m most definitely partial to the more “girly” ones bc that’s what I am carrying! 😉 Incredibly hard to chose bw the purple & pink but since I have been loving the little owl designs on different baby items I have to with the pink with custom owls as my FAVORITE!! 🙂

  29. Megan

    I would love to see my friends’ babies (all 4 of them) in g’s – I am working hard to convert!
    I liked her page and as far as my favorite… I can’t be biased and need to pick a girl and a boy print since I have twins. Love he purple with the flowers and the vanilla with the planets!

  30. Melanie

    I liked SRH Custom Design on Facebook. Loved the skull and crossbones g. Also loved the camo Got Chocolate Brown g on Etsy.

  31. I would love a pair of these for my sweet pea’s bottom!

  32. Ashley

    I want to see my baby girl in s custom SRH g 🙂

  33. Ashley

    I “like” SRH CUSTOM’S FB PAGE!

  34. Ashley

    Back from SRH CUSTOM’S ETSY PAGE!!! I adore the gooseberry purple with flower waistband!

  35. Kelli

    I would like to see my sweet angel in a pair of these g’s!

  36. Kelli

    Liked the facebook page!

  37. Kelli

    My favorite on the etsy page are the goddess pink with the skull waistband.

  38. Dana R

    I would love to see my little boy in one!

  39. Dana R

    I have “liked” SRH Custon Design on FB for awhile now. I love her stuff!

  40. Dana R

    From the designs on the Etsy shop, I like the LARGE Genuine Vanilla gDiaper with custom Planets waistband

  41. Erin Langevin

    I would love to see my son’s cute bum in a custom gdiaper! He already looks so cute in the g’s that adding a custom to our collection would be so awesome!

  42. Erin Langevin

    From the etsy shop I REALLY LOVE the gooseberry purple with flowers gdiaper, but since that would look pretty silly on our son, my second favorite is the goodnight blue with peace signs, so cute!

  43. Shayla Delk

    AWW I would love to see my new baby boy in one of these custom Gs. Would be a great gift from just coming home from the birthing center last night!!!

  44. Shayla Delk

    Id have to say I have been eye balling the blue g with the peace sign for quite some time. That is by far my favorite!

  45. Macey Bryce

    I love the LARGE Gooseberry Purple g diaper from the etsy shop. TOO bad I’m having a BOY because it would look so sweet on a little girl, but I also LOVE the orange planet g diaper. I bet it would look great on my future little guy!

  46. April Smith

    These are so great! I am a HUGE fan of gDiapers! I also know a cute little boy that is a fan as well & could use a custom one!

  47. I LOVE SRH custom design’s Facebook page. I also like the planets gDiaper on etsy 🙂

  48. Deanna

    In a custom diaper I want to see something that means something to me. For example my daughter’s initials are M.M. So I would love to see something with M&M’s , or Minie Mouse. I also LOVE Owls and would buys something like that in a heartbeat.

  49. Deanna

    I liked her facebook page!

  50. Deanna

    I went to the etsy site. I love the Medium goddess pink, but I would need it in Large.

  51. Ali

    Ooo, I’m due in October and would love to have one of these for my little one!

  52. clare

    I want to see my baby girl who is due July 11th!

  53. clare

    liked on facebook!

  54. clare

    looking at etsy i would want the goddess pink with the owls- baby will just have to grow into it!

  55. Heidi R

    Liked on facebook!

  56. Heidi R

    Visited your etsy shop and I adore the gooseberry purple gdipe with the floral waist band. The colors definitely look like they compliment each other well on that one!!!

  57. Erin Fitzpatrick-Jolley

    I would absolutely love to see my little Livvy in one of these designs!

  58. Erin Fitzpatrick-Jolley

    I also liked her facebook site a few days ago.

  59. Erin Fitzpatrick-Jolley

    From the Esty site, I liked the Goddess Pink gDiaper with custom owls waistband the best.

  60. Katie S

    I want to see my new wee man in a custom gDiaper (we are a gDiaper family). He is due in July and will be our 4th child in 4 years!

  61. Monica

    I would live to see Josehine in one of your custom gdiapers! They’re awesome!

  62. Katie S

    I love the vanilla g with the galaxy waist band.

  63. Katie S

    I’ve liked SRH custom designs on Facebook for a while now!

  64. LOVE the chocolate/camo g on the Etsy page!

  65. I absolutely love the clown fish g diaper but all of them are so adorable! Shannon does a fabulous job on these g diapers and I love how there is so many different choices of fabrics! I would love to see it on my baby Jeremiah! Love your work Shannon keep up the great work!!

  66. Liked SHR Custom Design on FB!

  67. I am a fan on your facebook page! Love all your awesome gdiapers!

  68. I visited your Etsy shop and the one that I love best is the blue gdiaper with the peace signs!! Toooo…cute!!! It was a difficult choice because all of them are just adorable!!

  69. I want to see my Jeremiah in your gdiaper designs. With His initials JH on that cute little bum!! There are so many things that can be done with SRH Custom Designs.

  70. I’d like to see my baby girl in a custom G, but she’s just about potty trained! 😦 I would settle for my nephew!

  71. Becca Scott

    i would like to see my brand new baby boy, Tucker, in a gdiaper –
    i likes srh on facebook and my favorite design is the goodnight blue – love the peace signs!

  72. elizabeth

    First I wanna see my baby (due in June), then I wanna see her in a customized gDiaper!

  73. Would love this to add to the plain ones I have ready for baby! 🙂

  74. Back to say I “Like” them on FB!

  75. Back again… my favorite diaper on Etsy is the blue with the Peace band. So cute, and I love the colors!

  76. I want our Jeremiah to wear the camo g diaper. He is our 8th baby! We have 5 boys and 3 girls. I wish I knew about g diapers with our last 7 children! It sure will help to cut out the cost of disposable diapers.

  77. Emmy

    I would like to see ruffles!

  78. Emmy

    Love the purple!