Fun Family Learning


I often stumble across interesting activities geared toward younger children when I’m building or improving my lessons, and recently I’ve been thinking of ways to adapt my high school activities to use with my son as he grows up.  I’ve decided to share some of these ideas here in a new series of posts: Fun Family Learning.  I think that all families will find these activities useful, whether you’re just looking for some weekend fun, homeschool lessons, or background for yourself.

Though I have experience in many areas of science education, I’m going to focus on environmental and life-science topics, since they’re my favorites.  I’d be happy to take requests, too!

Look for my first post in the Fun Family Learning series coming soon…

Monitoring Air Quality with Lichen as a Bioindicator


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3 responses to “Fun Family Learning

  1. Love this idea! No little ones at home but I plan to tune in.

  2. I’m excited! We do a lot of science related things here, obviously, but I’m always looking for more! Liam loves any thing to do with the outdoors and animals, so we have lots of fun with the pre-learning 🙂

  3. Sounds great. I would esp. be interested in activities that get us out in nature, or allow us to bring nature inside and explore it indoors.

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