My Favorite Flowers

He’s the only one who is allowed to pick my hydrangeas!


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7 responses to “My Favorite Flowers

  1. Those are gorgeous hydrangeas

  2. Those are stunning. I’m no flower grower – I have a veggie garden – but those would inspire me to plant. What kind of climate are you in?

    • We’re zone 6 or 7, depending on who you ask! Hydrangeas are super easy. We planed these 4 years ago and they get bigger and more beautiful every year. The “Endless Summer” variety bloom all summer, but the big show is in June-July. All we’ve done is trim some dead wood in the spring and water during droughts… I LOVE them!

  3. This post reminded me to hike to far end of the house and see if mine are blooming! The ones we planted out front aren’t doing as well as I had hoped, but I’ll keep trying!

  4. So blue hydrangeas mean acidic soil, right? We have a bush right outside our front door and I keep telling my fiancé that, but I figured I’d check with someone. 😛

    I also love how, because they have strong stems, they can be picked and put in a large vase and they’ll do quite nicely. They also dry well!

  5. Gorgeous! Mine don’t look so hot this year. (Probably because I haven’t been watering enough.)

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