What we have been doing all this time…

I never planned to stop blogging, I just got busy. Here’s a quick look at what we’ve been up to.

What’s changed?

We welcomed two children to our family (I did write about David when I posted on my own domain, which I’ve since let go… so here we go!). Big brother Josh welcomed David in October 2012. He’s a happy, mischievous, spunky, smart little boy and he makes us laugh every day. Here he is yesterday after I asked him to put on shoes.

Anna Rose joined the family in April 2017. We are so happy to have a baby again, and I’m savoring every sleepless night since I know she’s my last baby. She’s in awe watching her big brothers, she loves to eat and pull up to stand. She’s all over the house! Here she is with Joshua. I think she looks just like he did as a baby.

Those are the big answers to “what’s new?” but there are smaller answers too. I moved jobs to a new school, where I teach more sections of physics. I love it there and I believe this is the best decision I’ve ever made for my career and my family. But that’s not what the blog is about of course! It’s about what happens at home.

What’s the same?

Ed and I are still happily married, we still spend a lot of time with extended family, and we still do a lot of the same things. He’s gearing up for maple syrup season and thinking about this year with the shellfish business, while I’m daydreaming about our garden and all the fun we will have as a family in 2018. I still cook and make things and enjoy canning and shopping at the farm market. We still have a freezer full of meat from animals Ed and his family raise, and I still cook dinner almost every night. We still live in the same house and plan to stay put forever. We had a great Christmas.

Why come back to blogging?

I’ve always thought of my blog as a digital scrapbook of our life. I missed writing it but I was busy. I do still look up recipes here, and I love having it as a resource. The Other night I was looking for my seared pork chop recipe and came here and thought… I wonder if I remember my password? I wonder if there’s an app now that would make it easy to post from my phone? Yes and yes! It was snowy so I thought go for it! And here I am.


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2 responses to “What we have been doing all this time…

  1. I came upon your blog just before your first son was born, and I’ve followed you since. I’ve often wondered about where life has taken you…and I’m happy that all is well and that you’re back to blogging! 😀

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