Back to School! Busy Menu Plan

Summer is over and we’re all back to school! I hope to share a bunch of summer photos in a post soon, we have had a wonderful time! I took 2 online classes, we went to Lake Willoughby in VT, Santa’s Village and Clark’s Trading Post in NH. Back to reality now!

I was just talking to Ed about this week’s plans before we headed to sleep and I realized we have SOMETHING every night this week!!! It’s supposed to be super hot- again!- so while I would like to start cooking some autumn comfort food, that probably won’t happen until the weekend!

Monday (tonight!)- pork chops, mashed potatoes, homemade applesauce

Tuesday (baseball practice)- spaghetti and meatballs

Wednesday – back to school family picnic, no cooking for me!

Thursday (baseball practice)- hot dogs and a veggie burger for me

Friday (baseball practice and family movie night at school)- packed sandwiches, if I get to the store to pick up hard rolls!

Saturday (afternoon baseball game, evening “Owl Prowl” at the nearby reservoir)- slow cooker turkey pumpkin chili, the heat wave will hopefully end by the weekend!

Sunday (afternoon baseball game)- slow cooker chicken gnocchi soup

In case you looked at that schedule and wondered… no we don’t have a professional baseball player in the family. Josh is 8! And I think it’s a little overdoing it to have so much baseball. But he loves it, so I’m happy as long as he’s happy…


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