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Joshua is 8 Years Old!


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March 12, 2018 · 6:30 am

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Ed’s grandma gave us this amaryllis for Christmas and it’s in full bloom today!


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Play Time

Wordless Wednesday from Our Play Room

(He didn’t fall, I helped him get down safely!)



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My Favorite Flowers

He’s the only one who is allowed to pick my hydrangeas!



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7 Years Ago

1 year ago today, we were enjoying our time at home with our baby, the beginning of a new chapter in our love story.

2 years ago today, we went out to our place for dinner. It’s not fancy but it’s us.

3 years ago today, I cooked you a special meal, complete with a small replica of our wedding cake.

4 years ago today, we had a picnic supper on the floor of our under-construction kitchen.  We talked and shared our dreams about what this home would one day become.

5 years ago today, I was at the beach for an evening botany class and you were planting clams. We didn’t see each other until after 10pm, and I picked up fried seafood, which we ate cold.

6 years ago today, we were up in Maine. I spent hours searching for treasures on the beach under the bridge and you humored me.  The weather was unusually beautiful, and we napped on a quilt in the sunshine.

7 years ago today, we exchanged vows, knowing in our hearts that we are each other’s best friend and one true love.

Happy Anniversary to my Country Man!



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Summer Vacation!

It’s finally summer! I used to plan summer vacation for myself, but now I’ve got a companion! I’m so excited to have all summer to do nothing but play with Joshua! Well, I guess I’ll probably have to pull my weight with dishes, laundry, cooking and cleaning.  But the majority of my days will be spent playing!

Each week, I hope to find time for each of the following:

  • swim in the pool (this may end up being more than once a week!)
  • go to the beach (may substitute the pool…)
  • go on an adventure – aquarium, zoo, movie, children’s museum
  • do something crafty at home – paint with pudding, build a cardboard play house…

I also want to transform the room above our garage into a playroom.  Toys are now crammed into our living room and not organized at all, and we have this big empty space.  Some ideas-

  • Find kid-sized table and chairs. I have a little rocking chair, maybe paint it…
  • Add a nice rug
  • Make  a felt board
  • Set up a cozy reading area and move Joshua’s book case into the playroom from his bedroom

Of course I want to do some things for myself, too. I’m hoping to keep up with Weight Watchers for the summer and I also have a few books I’m reading.  I’m hoping to get some canning done and keep up with the garden, too.

What are your plans for the summer?



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