Play Time

Wordless Wednesday from Our Play Room

(He didn’t fall, I helped him get down safely!)



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I wasn’t planning to take the last week off of blogging.  But I guess I took a little vacation; it was a tough week.  I’ll probably write about it sometime, but not today.  For now, enjoy the shots of our beautiful beach day.

How’s your summer going?

PS- I’m posting the July Green Moms Carnival, with the topic of Food Preservation. Email me your submissions by July 14!


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My Favorite Flowers

He’s the only one who is allowed to pick my hydrangeas!


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7 Years Ago

1 year ago today, we were enjoying our time at home with our baby, the beginning of a new chapter in our love story.

2 years ago today, we went out to our place for dinner. It’s not fancy but it’s us.

3 years ago today, I cooked you a special meal, complete with a small replica of our wedding cake.

4 years ago today, we had a picnic supper on the floor of our under-construction kitchen.  We talked and shared our dreams about what this home would one day become.

5 years ago today, I was at the beach for an evening botany class and you were planting clams. We didn’t see each other until after 10pm, and I picked up fried seafood, which we ate cold.

6 years ago today, we were up in Maine. I spent hours searching for treasures on the beach under the bridge and you humored me.  The weather was unusually beautiful, and we napped on a quilt in the sunshine.

7 years ago today, we exchanged vows, knowing in our hearts that we are each other’s best friend and one true love.

Happy Anniversary to my Country Man!


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Summer Vacation!

It’s finally summer! I used to plan summer vacation for myself, but now I’ve got a companion! I’m so excited to have all summer to do nothing but play with Joshua! Well, I guess I’ll probably have to pull my weight with dishes, laundry, cooking and cleaning.  But the majority of my days will be spent playing!

Each week, I hope to find time for each of the following:

  • swim in the pool (this may end up being more than once a week!)
  • go to the beach (may substitute the pool…)
  • go on an adventure – aquarium, zoo, movie, children’s museum
  • do something crafty at home – paint with pudding, build a cardboard play house…

I also want to transform the room above our garage into a playroom.  Toys are now crammed into our living room and not organized at all, and we have this big empty space.  Some ideas-

  • Find kid-sized table and chairs. I have a little rocking chair, maybe paint it…
  • Add a nice rug
  • Make  a felt board
  • Set up a cozy reading area and move Joshua’s book case into the playroom from his bedroom

Of course I want to do some things for myself, too. I’m hoping to keep up with Weight Watchers for the summer and I also have a few books I’m reading.  I’m hoping to get some canning done and keep up with the garden, too.

What are your plans for the summer?


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Homemade Light Box

I saw this idea on Play At Home Mom, my new favorite blog and Facebook page.  Since I store our Christmas lights in a clear container anyway, this was a quick project!

My only concern was that Joshua decided to climb up on the box.  I’m storing it out of reach when we’re not using it, and supervising him very closely when we play with it.  I may pick up a shallow clear box to use instead, but this one works for now.

I have high hopes for many more easy, simple, cheap/free homemade projects this summer!

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Clean Air Community

One of the reasons that I joined the Moms Clean Air Force was to become part of a community who cares about the health of our atmosphere and how that impacts our children’s health.  I realized that there’s only so much a single person can do, only so many steps that I’m able or willing to take on my own to reduce my impact on the environment.  I need to band together with other like-minded people and form a connected community online. 

I’ve discovered a huge clean air community through social networking sites! In just a few months, I’ve learned so much, had interesting discussions, signed petitions, and learned more about how clean air legislation can be strengthened to protect our children.  Here’s how I’ve connected:




  • The Moms Clean Air Force also has online events! The next one is on Monday, June 27, at 10am EST: “MOMS CLEAN AIR FORCE BLOGTALK RADIO: Soaring Rates of Asthma Among African-American Kids and What Moms Can Do About It.” Find details and RSVP here. I’ll be there and I look forward to listening and chatting with attendees!
  • More events, including a twitter party that I’m helping to organize, are in the works!


Latest posts from the Moms Clean Air Force Bloggers:

Our new badge! Add it to your side bar to show that you care about clean air and healthy kids!


What are some of your favorite Clean Air Communities? Have I missed any? Please share in the comments!

Please join the Moms Clean Air Force to help us fight for clean air for our kids. We need your voice! If you haven’t already, please email the EPA to show your support of the new Mercury and Air Toxics rule. Thank you!


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