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Strolling with Isabelle

Follow along with Isabelle the Shire as she strolls today…

strolling with isabelle 013

I woke up this morning in the barn after a long night’s sleep.  We had a busy day yesterday visiting with people.

strolling with isabelle 022

After breakfast, we had a quick bath.  Here’s my mom Annabelle getting washed.

strolling with isabelle 030

Now it’s my turn.  I don’t really like to stand still during a bath, I’d rather go run!

strolling with isabelle 036

When we finally got to the pasture, I ran and ran and ran! I love to run around the big open field! I’m so fast!!!  Sometimes I go too fast and fall down…

strolling with isabelle 038

But I jump right back up and keep running!

strolling with isabelle 033

I got hungry, so I stopped running for a little while and then I took a nap.

strolling with isabelle 034

See you later!

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.


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Homemade Local Pizza Party

pizza 001

  • bacon- our pig
  • clams- farm raised by Ed and his brother
  • tomato, scallions, herbs- our garden
  • cheese- made in New England 
  • dough- homemade

I meant to make homemade ricotta for the pizzas today, but instead I visited with the horses and swam in my parents’ pool.  When I got home I made the dough, but once it was all mixed together, I got a call from my mom asking me to come help bring Annabelle and the baby up to the barn, since a thunderstorm was coming and my brothers weren’t home yet.  I left the dough, got poured on, got stuck in the barn for about a half-hour since the lightning was so close.  I kneaded the dough when I got home, but it was still kind of flat.  Even so, the pizza was yummy.

And by the way, we named the baby horse Isabelle.

pasture 039

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In the Pasture

We took Annabelle and her baby out to the pasture for the first time today, in an area that was partitioned off from the other animals.  We stayed with them for a few hours, to make sure they were comfortable, and to visit with anyone who stopped by to see the new horse.

pasture 039

After a little getting used to, the filly decided to run around the pen, nurse, and check out her new surroundings.  Annabelle got right to grazing.

pasture 024

It was all so exciting, and we could tell she was getting tired.  But she didn’t want to go to sleep! (Do you see gold bug?)

pasture 042

Finally, she couldn’t stay awake any longer and drifted off to sleep.  Annabelle stopped grazing and stood over her baby as she slept.  It was so sweet.

pasture 068

Little girl, you’ve had a busy day.


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Filly’s First Day

filly 019


filly 020

Proud Mommy

filly 037

Majestic, like mom

filly 044

Sleepy eyelashes

filly 048

Will you be my friend?

filly 017

Barn swallow Mommy


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Annabelle’s foal!

It’s a girl! When my dad went up to feed Annabelle this morning, he spotted extra little legs under the fence.  Annabelle had given birth overnight, cleaned the baby, buried the afterbirth, and both of them are happy and healthy.  I woke up this morning to a call from my mom that the baby had arrived!  Needless to say, I grabbed my camera and jumped in the car to see her.

annabelle's baby 125

She’s a spotted draft, just like her dad.

annabelle's baby 112

I can’t quite imagine how she ever fit in Annabelle’s belly.

annabelle's baby 103

Duke wanted to go in the pen, but it’s best if he stays away for now.

annabelle's baby 085

We were surprised by how clean both of them were.  Annabelle is proving to be a great mom.  She’s protective but will allow us to go in the pen and even briefly pet the filly.  Her fur is so soft!

annabelle's baby 073

So, it’s time for us to think of a name.  Options so far include Emma, Isabelle, Belle, and Bella.  We want their names to go together nicely.

annabelle's baby 057

Annabelle seems to know that we won’t hurt her baby, but we still want to give them quiet time alone.

annabelle's baby 120

Annabelle and her baby will move out to a separate pen by the farm market in a few days.  Until then, they have some privacy.

Don’t forget to visit Horse Tales for other posts about horses!


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Horse Tales

horse tales

I’ve decided to write about the horses I’ve known and loved in a new feature: Horse Tales.  We’ll start with an introduction to the horses who currently live on the farm.


Whinney is a miniature horse.  Her full name is Mini-Whinney, and she’s not a pony, she’s even smaller.  I’m not sure how old she is, but she’s getting up there.  Her talents are scratching on the fence and eating grain from happy children.


Bill is one half of our Dapple Gray Percheron team.  He’s a draft horse who specializes at pulling hayride wagons and eating hay.


This is Vinny, the other half of the hayride team.  He sometimes has an attitude, but Bill keeps him in check.

annabelle stand 008

And of course you know Annabelle.  She’s a Shire, another draft horse.  We don’t have any regular sized horses at the farm, only the mini one and the giant ones.  Annabelle and Whinney have become their own little herd and like to spend their time together during the day when they’re in the same pen.  We expect Annabelle’s foal to arrive in a few weeks, since she has started to produce milk, and we can’t wait for the new little Shire to arrive!

Future Horse Tales posts will include stories, pictures, and memories of horses past and present.


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Annabelle’s Sister

Annabelle’s former owner, Jen, was so nice to send us this picture of Annabelle’s sister and her new foal.  What a nice preview! 


Annabelle had another visit from the vet last week.  He said the foal is getting big, and will probably arrive in June, ahead of schedule.

I’d love to hear about everyone else’s animals!


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