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Enjoying the Apple Harvest

As apple season nears its end in our area, I spent some time going back through my recipes to make sure I’ve gotten a chance to enjoy them all with fresh apples.  Since I grew up with an apple orchard right next to my house, apples have always been a big part of my life.  Snipping blossoms and arranging them in a big vase in spring time, watching the little apples grow throughout the summer, picking that first Macoun in early fall and polishing it on my jeans before taking a crispy bite, sampling all the different varieties, helping press the apples into cider, and of course baking apples into a pie.  Now that I no longer live on the farm, I’ve planted my own little mini-orchard of six apple trees, but it will be a few years before I get any apples. 

Here are some of my favorite ways to eat apples.  As you prepare any of these recipes, I highly recommend eating the skin that you peel off of the apples.  The skin smells and tastes wonderful, so don’t waste it!

apple week 004

Apple Tart

apple bread 001

Apple Walnut Bread

Apple Raspberry Crisp


Apple Cranberry Crumb Pie or traditional Apple Pie

apple week 007

Cinnamon Cider Jelly (Reduced-sugar version, too!)

Applesauce and Caramel Apple Butter 

cran-applesauce 001


What’s your favorite way to eat apples?


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Apple Crisp

While I won’t have time to make this week “Apple Week,” I do feel that my most favorite of fruits deserves some time to shine.  We’re busy with school, more school, home projects and also with getting our displays and entries ready for the Guilford Fair.  I personally am planning to enter my butternut squash pie, an apple pie, a pint of applesauce and the apron that I made over the winter.  My family is entering some apples, maple syrup and a farm display, which we have decided to theme “Go Green – Eat Local!” My dad and brothers are also entering their newly restored antique tractor.  Don’t worry, pictures are sure to follow!  So here’s a little tribute to the apple.  I’ll be posting the best of my apple recipes in the coming weeks.

My absolute favorite thing to bake in the fall is apple crisp.  I love butternut squash pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and quick breads like applesauce nut and pumpkin, but nothing compares to how much I love to bake apple crisp.  It is so easy to throw a crisp together, much easier and less time consuming than making a pie crust.  I don’t typically measure anything when I make apple crisp, and had to stop and measure (sort of) as I made it this time so I could post the recipe.  While the apple crisp is baking, the whole house smells like home: warm, cinnamony and delicious.

My recipe is for a small crisp for the two of us, which will give about four servings.  If you want to make a bigger one, double this recipe.

  • 4 apples, peeled, cored, and sliced thinly (tart, fresh apples are best)
  • 1/2 stick cold butter, cubed
  • 8 Tbsp flour
  • 6 Tbsp brown sugar (you can use white sugar in a pinch)
  • large dash of cinnamon (I refuse to pop off the little plastic top just so I can measure.  It makes a mess!)

Layer the apples in the bottom of a pie dish.  Combine remaining ingredients in a bowl and smush them together with your fingers.  Top the apples with the crisp mixture.  Bake at 350 for about an hour, until the topping is nicely browned and the apples start to bubble.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There is nothing worse than crispy apples in a crisp/crumble/pie.  It is my biggest pet peeve.  There’s nothing worse than expecting a nice soft apple and biting into one that’s practically raw.  Be patient and leave it in the oven until it’s done!


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