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Buds and Anticipation

Sunday Stroll

So many leaves have popped since the last time I had a chance to post a Sunday Stroll, so this is a long one!  While I’ve got a few flowers, there are many more buds yet to open and I’m impatiently awaiting the show they’ll put on in June.

sunday stroll 002

sunday stroll 032

The bleeding hearts are taking over the partially shaded back garden, even after I pruned them back and picked a bunch of the flowers yesterday.  Believe it or not, this is only their second year in bloom.

sunday stroll 031

Buds on the blue lace-cap hydrangea in the back garden.  This will be the first of my many hydrangeas to bloom.

sunday stroll 026

The peony in the front flower garden has a bunch of buds, and I can’t wait to see those big pink blooms.

sunday stroll 007

Our one and only apple blossom.  I’m surprised that the Jonathan tree got a blossom so soon after we planted it, but I’m happy to report that all six trees are alive.  I don’t expect an apple this year because there’s no other flower to pollinate it.  Unless, of course, a bee makes her way from my parent’s orchard a few minutes away. 

sunday stroll 011

The mixed baby lettuce is doing well.

sunday stroll 012

The spinach that overwintered is ready to pick.

sunday stroll 014

The peas have started to climb up their wire supports.

sunday stroll 016

One of the heritage red raspberries in our brand new berry patch.

sunday stroll 018

Some wildflowers in the neighboring hayfield.

sunday stroll 023

Our two sugar maples that we planted last fall survived the winter and are full of bright green leaves.

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What’s Your Favorite Apple?


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the apple trees I’d like to plant in the spring.  We’ll probably start with 4 or 6 dwarf apple trees and add peach, pear, and cherry trees in the coming years.  When it comes to what kind of apples I want to plant, there’s one given: Macoun. 

Since I grew up on an apple orchard, I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of eating lots and lots of apples, and the Macoun will always stand out as my favorite.  They’re always ready right around back-to-school time, and that makes them perfect for school lunches.  There were many times I stopped on my way up or down the driveway, hopped out of the car and picked a few apples for the day.  No matter how many Macouns I eat, I never get tired of them.  The red and green skin, crisp white flesh and sweet-tart flavor make them the perfect apple to me.  When I have too many of them, I turn them into applesauce or apple crisp, but my favorite way to eat them is right off the tree. 

I also love other apples, including Jonathan’s bright red skin and white flesh and Empire’s shiny skin and crispiness late into the season, so I’ll probably plant some of them, too.   It’s hard to decide what other kinds of apple trees to plant, since it’s a decision we’ll be living with for a long time! 

If you were to plant a few apple trees, what kind would you plant and why?


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