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October Sky


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Nothing Wrong with a Hammer

Here’s my working man.  This barn is Ed’s hobby, the reason he hasn’t been at picnics, festivals, and parties this summer.  He doesn’t want to miss working while the weather’s good.


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Majestic Annabelle

Sunday Stroll

On this first day of March, I’ve been running around trying to get everything done before the big snow storm moves in this afternoon.  I’ve heard we’re supposed to get about a foot of snow, maybe more, but of course I’m skeptical.  It seems tomorrow may be another snow day, but as for today, I’ve completed everything I need to do.  I stopped by to see Annabelle, assuming that I may not make it to the farm tomorrow if the weather is too bad.  We’ll see, as I am looking forward to taking her pictures in a white blanket of snow.


For my stroll today, I decided to take pictures of Annabelle in her barn, using the natural light streaming in through the boards.  I was pleased with the outcome of some of the photos, but Annabelle didn’t seem to be in the mood for posing today and the result was many blurry shots.  Still, I think she looks rather majestic in the shots below.



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