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Huge Disappointment

Alternate Title: Why we HATED the birthing classes and will not be going back.

  1. Ed and I were the only people enrolled in the class.
  2. The class was taught in an unfurnished house that was listed for rent.
  3. Said house is 45 minutes from ours.
  4. We got there before the instructors.
  5. The instructors were totally unprepared to teach the class, and spent the first 10 minutes setting up.
  6. The instructors read word-for-word off a PowerPoint.
  7. The instructors read word-for-word from the workbook.
  8. The instructors (poorly) summarized how Dr. Bradley developed his method.  It was like a bad book report.
  9. The instructors had monotone voices and trouble reading.
  10. The house was cold and there was nowhere to sit except on the skeevy carpet (see #2)
  11. They showed a DVD of births from the 1960’s.
  12. Said DVD froze and they spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to fix it.
  13. I told Ed it would be great! I hate being wrong.

You may have to be a teacher to be fully infuriated by some of these things.  The lack of punctuality, preparedness, personality and enthusiasm were the worst parts.  I should add that I’m still not turned off from the Bradley method.  However, I plan to continue reading about it on my own, doing the exercises on my own, and we’ll attend birthing classes at the hospital instead.


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