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Happy Birthing Day!

I believe that all births should be celebrated.  The following birth stories include big babies, little babies, long and short labors, late babies and preemies, natural hospital births, hospital births with interventions, emergency c-sections, planned c-sections, inductions, home births and unassisted births, births with doctors, midwives and doulas, and everything in between. 

While I understand that a birth cannot be summed up into a few words (hence the “story” part), I’ve written a few little notes to help differentiate between the stories.  If you submitted a story and don’t like my summary, please feel free to write a sentence or two and send it to me, I’d be happy to replace what I’ve written.  If you forgot to submit your story (or I forgot to post it), leave a comment with a link and summary and I’ll add it.  (But remember, I’ll be at work so I won’t update for a while!)

Thank you to all the wonderful mommas who shared their stories! I have loved reading them all!

The Promise of a Rainbow natural hospital birth following induction

Lucy’s Birth natural birth at a birth center

Molly’s Birth Story hospital birth following induction

My “Natural Births” 2 hospital births with doulas, following induction

My C-Section emergency c-section following hospital labor with doulas

The Birth I Didn’t Want: L hospital birth

Islove’s Unhindered, Unassisted Birth

H’s Birth Story hospital birth following labor at home

DS1, 2 and 3’s Birth Stories 3 different births of 3 boys

Luca’s Birth Story a doula’s homebirth

The birth of Ella Raine unassisted homebirth

C’s Birth Story a 24-week preemie

Two Years Gone By in the Blink of an Eye C-section due to footling breech baby

Waterbirth at a birth center

Liam’s Birthday homebirth with a midwife

Joshua’s Birth Story My very long story of 41 hours of labor and Joshua’s birth

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