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Christmas Magic

The other day, a few moms and I were reminiscing on twitter about our childhood memories of Santa.  Since Joshua is the first child in our extended families in many years, we have the delight this year of bringing Santa back in a big way.  Christmas is just so much more magical with small children.  Here are some of the memories we talked about, and it’s funny that these ideas cost little to no money but make a huge impact.

  • Driving around to check out the neighborhood Christmas lights, and decorating our own house
  • Baking (and eating) cookies and doing Christmas crafts
  • Leaving cookies and milk for Santa (of course!) and a treat like carrots for the reindeer
  • Finding Santa’s boot print in the house or outside of the house, in the snow if possible
  • Waking up with a smudge of soot on your face from Santa’s kiss on the cheek
  • Finding a letter from Santa about what has made him proud of you over the last year
  • Going on a scavenger hunt that Santa created
  • Spending a whole week home with our families

Don’t forget to check out the latest Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap contributions, and share your own!

How do you make Christmas magical for your children?


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More Cookies!

Check out the latest recipes contributed to the Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap!

Anisette Cookies from The Pug in the Kitchen

Six Generation Cookies from Going Green Mama

Snickerdoodles II from Retro Housewife Goes Green

There’s still plenty of time to participate! Click the image below for details on how to submit your recipes!

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The Latest Cookie Swap Recipes

The recipes are pouring in! Check out the latest:

Kitchen Sink Cookies from Nancy of The DeVries Family blog

Peppermint Bark and Chocolate Covered Candied Orange Peels from Crunchy Chicken

Gingersnaps from Heather’s Homemaking

Iced Sugar Cookies, Cream Cheese Frosted Cookies and Hidden Mint Cookies from Retro Housewife Goes Green, which all start with the same Sugar Cookie Dough! 

Join in the fun by sharing your favorite recipes!

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More Cookie Swap Recipes!

Thanks to Rob for submitting the following recipes!

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Check out the Snickerdoodles at Heather’s Homemaking! Don’t forget to submit your own recipes!

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Fruit Cake Cookies

Check out these festive Fruit Cake Cookies, submitted by the Merry Gourmet!

Don’t forget to submit your recipes!

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