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In the Garden: Still Preparing!

I knew this year was going to be a slow one in the garden.  After all, Joshua was born when I would typically get going in the garden, so I was a tad distracted this spring.  Anyway, we did make some progress last weekend: Ed finally brought home composted manure from his parents’ cows.  Last year, he had plenty of help ammending the garden soil, see?


Adding manure to the garden last year

Who cares if I had a little trouble dumping the wheelbarrow? I was a lot more helpful last year! Looking at this old photo made me wonder if I’ll ever fit into those jeans again.  But then I remembered those jeans had a hole in the knee and I cut them up to make a skirt, which I never finished.  Oh well, no rush to lose the baby weight, then!

Back to the garden… Ed had no help from me this year, as I was busy with the baby.  I did manage to get outside and take one picture of him shoveling manure. Here it is!

But then I got distracted and instead took some pictures of the baby.  It was much more fun!

I also visited our friend’s garden center and picked up some rhubarb to replace the plant that something dug up, seed potatoes and seeds.  We plan to spend Mother’s Day getting everything planted, at my request!

How’s your garden doing?


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Amending the Soil

Yesterday’s sunny afternoon allowed us to get in some work on the vegetable garden.  One corner was planted a while back, but the rest of it needed to get cleaned up, weeded, and blended with composted manure.


Ed turns up the soil, carefully avoiding the area I’ve already planted (while I reminded him repeatedly).


Nathaniel was kind enough to bring the manure from Ed’s parents’ house to our house in his truck.  He traded the trucking for a haircut, and I was happy to trade.


Then he helped out by shoveling the manure into a wheelbarrow with Ed and the boys took turns carting it into the garden.


I took a turn carting the heavy manure into the garden when Jonathan came to visit (in the Mustang in the background) and offered to take a picture of me. 


Oops! The wheelbarrow dumped to the side, but it landed in the garden so I still consider it a success.  After that, the boys wouldn’t let me cart it anymore, and I was happy to go back to my role as photographer.


Some of the manure remains in the driveway, waiting to be added to the flower gardens later in the week.  How do you amend your soil?


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